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  1. Crazy Ute

    Hello, Looking for a Crazy Utility/Hybrid shaft in R to S flex. Thank you all
  2. Saw your thread on the Crazy Boron shaft

    Can you please tell me the difference between the S1 and the S2 flex?


    1. LudaCliff



      The Crazy Boron is a great shaft.  For me it has an "electric" active feel and kick yet is very stable.  Incredible feel due to the full boron construction.  There are, to my knowledge, two different versions of the shaft, the standard Crazy version and the "Two Tree" version which was a promotional collaboration between Crazy and NikiGolf Shops in Japan.  Both have the same performance specs, the Two Tree versions have a different colorway (white/red paint is reversed).  As for flex, the standard Crazy version uses the R, S, SX, X flex designations.  The Two Tree version was available in R, S2 (S), S1 (SX), X.  I have a driver length Two Tree S1 (SX) shaft available if you are interested.        

    2. rubblesrebels


      Hi LudaCliff,

      I live on Oahu and am interested in some of your shafts you're selling.

      Are you on Oahu?

      Can we meet up sometime?

      Please let me know.


    3. LudaCliff



      Yes I also live on Oahu.  Please send me a PM (not a status reply, which this is) and let me know what you are interested in.  We can definitely meet locally if you are looking to pick up an item. 

  3. Labospec shaft

    Thanks alot Much appreciated
  4. Labospec shaft

    Hello, Can anyone give me info on the following Labospec shafts; Tataki, Hashiri, Shinari Thank you,
  5. Crazy Boron

    Hello, Anyone tell me how this shaft is? Also see a red shaft and a two tree white shaft, any difference? Thank you
  6. s2 flex

    Hello, Can someone tell me what a S2 flex is? Thank you,
  7. Is the Diamana shaft still available?

    Are you taking any offers?

    Thank you

  8. Un-Hot Melt

    Thanks Vegaman, I've read that a solvent or sometype can be poured into the head which will dissolve the hot-melt. I really don't want to damage the head. I'm just worried that the head I have now might be normal and I just can't hit it. Just don't have enough experience with drivers that are hotmelted
  9. Un-Hot Melt

    Hi Guys, Great forum. Dumb question but is there a way to un-hot melt a driver head? I bought a driver that was hot-melted and I can't hit it to save my life. I'm thinking my swing speed of 95-100 might not be enough as the driver launches very low and distance is very short. As always, thanks
  10. Best Ryoma Driver

    Hi guys, Any thoughts on which Ryoma driver is considered the best overall? V-Spec? Premia? Maxima? As always, thanks for the time
  11. 2008 V-Steel

    Thanks Duffer Head looks slightly different
  12. 2008 V-Steel

    Hi guys, Can someone please give me their opinion on the 2008 Japanese V-Steel fairway wood. I love my US version and have an opportunity to pick up a Japanese version and was wondering if it's worthy as a replacement. Appreciate your time.
  13. Fineone T3 Shaft/Beyond Power

    Anyone has a fineone t3 driver shaft, standard length in stiff Anyone has a beyond power infinity flex shaft Thank you