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  1. Are they progressively weighted like the rest of the set or are the 2 & 3 iron shafts just longer 4 iron shafts?
  2. Thank you Chris. I typically play 2-iron thru PW in my irons. Do they or can they make specific 2, 3 & 4 iron shafts? I see that you sell a set that is only 5-PW.
  3. I cannot find the AeroTech SteelFiber Players Spec AMi99 progressive weighted shafts any longer. I am wondering IF there is a JDM graphite iron shaft that is progressively weighted (lighter at 2-iron to heavier at PW)?
  4. How are you liking the Ogio Silencer Stand Bag?
  5. I have considered getting a Gold's Factory putter. What, in your opinion, sets them apart and warrants the price tag?
  6. I have multiple Miura's in different finishes and different heads. 1--KM-350 (stock finish) 3--KM-006 (stock finish, white chrome x red & Black Boron) 1--KM-007 (Black Boron) 1--KM-008 (stock finish)
  7. Good choice...you will not be disappointed. Please report back with your thoughts.
  8. Another vote for the K Grind. I have the 52⁰ & 56⁰ paired with the Small "Baby" Blades. Needless to say, I Love My Miura's!!!
  9. Yeah........ one SET
  10. I highly recommend the Miura Small "Baby" Blades. People shy away from them because they are blades, lofts aren't jacked up, and they are SMALL. Honestly, I truly believe that they will make you a better and more consistent ball striker. As far as CB's with the longer irons, I am not the one to ask because I carry 2 iron down to 56⁰ wedge. I am not a fan of the hybrid clubs. I do not feel that I need to be "rescued".
  11. I find that it plays true to loft. I ordered mine at 9.5⁰ and 0.5⁰ open club face. The sound is, umm, something special. It is quite loud. Loud enough for some people to dislike. I thought about getting it foamed but, I don't mind the attention...especially when I bomb it over their drives.
  12. Here is mine and it is a BEAST
  13. I have both the ZY-7 and the Itobori. I am absolutely LOVING the Itobori. ZY-7 has the stock sx shaft and the Itobori has the 2016 AAA shaft. Both are great clubs. The Itobori seems to carry forever. Both get a fair amount of roll. Much more carry and roll than the M1 I was playing previously with a Veylix Rome 688 shaft.
  14. Miura typically does not release anything new until they have made improvements. Most other manufacturers put out new stuff just to put out new stuff. For instance, the Small "Baby" Blades were introduced in 2009 (I think). Then again, not much to improve on with them. IMO
  15. They are beautiful. Is there any distance loss with the copper? I am REALLY considering a full set of the blades.