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  1. It’s the Swag Suave One. Impressive milling throughout, plus the milled flow neck is a unique shape. It’s nice, the the KYOEI already has become my favorite.
  2. After month+ indoors self isolating, I decided to reward myself with a new putter and wedges from TSG. As always, Chris was quite helpful in my election and I went with the new KYOEI putter in carbon steel with the black DLC plated finish. The milling quality (even more detailed than my Swag) and finish are amazing. More importantly, the feel is addictive. It’s quite soft, but with great feel for speed control excellent. Face milling gives a tight roll fairly quickly. Precisely the feel and sound I was looking for. For the wedges I choose the CGS Orion Type-S which are a slightly rounder shape (brought back memories of the FE 99.3 TourStage wedges I purchased from TSG in 2006). Nice C-Grind makes them quite versatile. The most stunning aspect is the finish and feel. The polished chrome on the back is mirror like, plus with copper underlay the feel is really soft. Only hitting indoor chips and pitches, but can tell these will be in the bag once golf courses re-open! Thanks again Chris for your help,
  3. I received demo’s the TW-737 V irons in the UK. I noticed their pricing was twice the price as I’d seen in California. The UK shop contacted their EU Honma distributor who claims that EU Honma 737’s are Japanese forged vs US 737’s are Chinese forged. They claim that accounts for twice the price. Since I’ve read on multiple websites that Honma isn’t forging the TW737 at all in Japan, I wanted to check on here.
  4. I bought a black version from a Chris (red details) and it's an amazing feeling putter. Has a denser feel than previous carbon or stainless putters I've had and the face milling works with a pure roll. Testing it on a golf trip currently and my second favorite putter ever (Gauge Design The One from 2005 is still favorite). The feel is quite consistent, a muted denser feel and sound and easy to manage pace with. Great design Chris!
  5. Is there a top line view of this putter to see the offset. I'm close to pulling trigger on ordering, but not sure on finish. Any recommendations?
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