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  1. ok cool thanks for that. I guess this may become a more expensive hobby with all of the equipment that I'll be trying out LOL!
  2. So still learning the ropes on all this but I can tell you I had a Ping G2 way back when which I loved but picked up a Ping G driver which didn't appeal to me at all. I have no real other prereqs as I am still working on my swing but I am not adverse to work and will keep on something to get it right so forgiveness is not really a factor. Trajectory? - I can hit a 7 pretty straight but tend to slice with the driver but again I am willing to work with any equipment. I picked up the Metal Factory A7 primarily because of the look of the sole and crown at address. Thought about picking up the Epon Zero Kai but was advised against it (on second thought I am going to pick that up eventually anyway LOL) Build? - I am 5'10" when in shape 178lbs but currently riding closer to 200 because of all of the good food in Singapore LOL! But I am in pretty good shape work out all the time (mma, olympic lifting etc) Thanks in advance for the advice!
  3. I associate being completely made in Japan with a certain level of quality, functionality and workmanship. I understand that Modart is currently considered as one but if one were looking at used clubs are there any drivers/fw with specific models that some would recommend? I know this is very subjective but just wanted to see what others thoughts were. I will also state I am just a beginner swinging with a Metal Factory A7.
  4. I recently picked up the A7 driver and love the look with the racing stripe. The shape is appealing to my eye. Tbh, I am just learning how to make a real golf swing but picking up equipment that looks appealing to me. So for my understanding from the prev posts is that the A7 is an open model which I take to be it is shared among other makers which then tweek and label the driver under their own name. Is that correct? If so does anyone know which other drivers share the A7's "lineage"? Thanks!
  5. Hey all, Just wondering if there is a JDM brand that has it's drivers and FWs made completely in Japan? jBEAM looks like it might? Thanks!
  6. Hello all! FNG here, my name is Duane! Originally from Chicago, USA, I have been living and working in Singapore for the past year. Recently took up golf again after a 9 year hiatus and Singapore is great for weather, year round golf and...... JDM! Have acquired the following so far: Epon Personnal 3 Metal Factory driver miura k grind sw All picked up used but in excellent condition. There is a cavalcade of used JDM here! If you want to know my handicap it's.... non existent lol but I am currently taking lessons from an Aussie pro. Anyway just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!