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  1. Yes, I am wondering whether stepping up the weight is "tradition" because of shaft availability, or whether it is due to changing head-weights as well.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Looking for the R-Flex matching the shafts in the Mizuno JPX 200X I just bought (which play very nicely).
  3. Since I can't seem to find anyone selling them new (or is it possible?), checking whether anyone has second-hand shafts for sale.
  4. I was wondering how people playing ultra-light irons build their club set. Assuming that clubs would usually get 5g heavier per club (from driver down to the wedges), even with ultra-light driver shafts around 40g, iron shafts would be around 80g. I do however see much lighter iron shafts particularly in Asia. E.g. the Mizuno MFusion Platinum driver shaft is only around 10g lighter than the MFusion Platinum shafts used for iron sets. How do you address this?
  5. I'm also trying to figure out the right flex for JDM shafts. Particularly for the Grand Bassara Beta / Fairway / Hybdrid shafts. - The Japanese MCA catalogue indicates S-Flex as appropriate for 230y total driver distance for the Grand Bassara. - On the international MCA website, its R-Flex for 210-240 driver carry for the Grand Bassara. Can anyone explain that?
  6. Thanks for your reply. I would call myself a beginner, not the youngest (40s) but quite fit. Maybe because of my previous sports, I do prefer light clubs with a light swing weight, so am looking at the light / ultralight options available. My biggest concern is probably, that I expect my swing speed to improve, which would then push me to S-flex instead of R-flex ... but then again I am getting older 😉 The Grand Bassara shafts seem to be more tailored towards R-Flex, if I want to use the same shafts in my driver and woods / hybrids... Maybe UST MP5 could be an alternative?
  7. I'm looking at ultra-light options for moderate swing speed, not only for driver, but also fairway and hybrids. Grand Bassara Beta comes to mind for the driver, but there must be some other options as well? Does anyone know more about the Mizuno Platinum MFusion shafts? They seem to be very light. Or can anyone recommend a website with comparisons of the different options in the market?
  8. Did anyone try the JPX 200x irons? Any comments on the forgiveness, given that they have almost as strong lofts as the Titleist T400?
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