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  1. Thanks for the above, definitely the measurements are correct, I’m measuring all the time I will now reduce them to the measurements above that are my standard fit. Thank you
  2. Sorry I’m not sure, 2017 I think. They are undercut, and forgiving photo below
  3. Hello, recently bought a set of PRGR irons 6 to p/w what I don’t understand is, the clubs lengths 6. 37-7/8 7. 37-1/2 8. 36-7/8 9. 36-3/8 pw 35-7/8 but they all come in the swing weight range of D0 any thoughts?
  4. Thank you so much, for putting these reviews up
  5. Just bought these off the bay, don’t know anything about them really, I’m hoping they will suit a 17 Hcp player Any information on year they were produced would be helpful thanks
  6. No they already have M40 installed, I would like to try that shaft in different heads
  7. I can’t see photos, links will not open what needs to be installed on my part
  8. Is it possible to buy, regular M40 pull outs in Graphite shafts. I would like to try some in different heads. ps my clubs above cost £35 Stirling I’ve had them loft and lie checked, and I love them.
  9. 1984 thank you. They seem very forgiving for a blade. Why are PRGR irons so expensive to UK customers?
  10. Hi, new to the forum. I have made my first post regarding PRGR irons. From the UK and have just discovered the above clubs.
  11. Hi, can anyone tell me anything about these irons please. Mine are fitted with M40 graphite shafts, 85-90 mph swing speed. How old would these Clubs be?
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