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  1. Sarcasm? For real? For real? Interesting.
  2. Wasn't there an English version of the MCW sell sheet floating around somewhere?
  3. Yea. I don't translate very well, lol, but to my surprise I understand most if it. The MCW sell sheet on the website doesn't translate like the website itself on Google Chrome.
  4. .... I guess if I would have read the Miura Giken website better I would see the MCW info I was looking for! LOL!
  5. Hear ya! ... I'm a borderline blade guy myself. I've got my Baby Blades and I've got my CB-57s. But I also have CB-1008 and CB-301s! Here with the TB Zero, I'm kinda interested in 7-P and the G too! I didn't know, these were being offered through Craftsman World Custom too! I thought they were strictly a "stock, limited, offering." The fact they can go through CWC is even more exciting! Anybody have the CWC custom options handy for the TB Zero?
  6. Read that 2 months ago. But thanks. Anything new? Anything more? THANK YOU!
  7. T . S . G . Happy New Year, y'all! In regards to Miura Giken's new release, the TB Zero ... Has anybody .... Tested? Reviewed? Gamed? Gaming? Very interested for feedback. Leading edge info (....and pictures) are GREATLY appreciated too! THANK YOU, T . S . G .!
  8. EaglesGolf99


    Tour Issue TC Serial Callaway X2-Hot Pro 5 Deep! Shafted with HZRDUS Smoke Black 80 6.5. Gripped with MCC Align Green | White. Shaft and grip are BRAND NEW! Head is VERY CLEAN! Let me know if interested! THANK YOU!!
  9. I'd love to hear on much of this as well...
  10. Anybody mess with, demo, game the Callaway JAPAN Epic Flash STAR Driver? Love to get feedback. Thanks!
  11. * Sold - Please Close - Thank You! *
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