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  1. Anybody mess with, demo, game the Callaway JAPAN Epic Flash STAR Driver? Love to get feedback. Thanks!
  2. TSG ... For sale today .... ° Callaway Tour Issue TC Serial, X-Hot Pro 3 Deep 14.5° w/Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 80X and Golf Pride MCC Align Green/White ° 43 1/2" Playing Length 0" Tipping D5.0 Swingweight Matching Headcover Included CROWN Mint | FACE Shows Use | SOLE Shows Typical Callaway Fairway Scarring | SHAFT Brand New | GRIP Brand New Solid 8.0 / 10.0 ° Callaway Tour Issue TC Serial, X2-Hot Pro 5 Deep 18.5° w/Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 80X and Golf Pride MCC Align Green/White ° 43" Playing Length 1" Tipping D6.0 Swingweight Callaway Generic Headcover Included CROWN Mint | FACE Shows Light Use | SOLE Shows Light Typical Callaway Fairway Scarring | SHAFT Brand New | GRIP Brand New Great 8.5 / 10.0 Not eager to sell, but medical has me on the shelf and I am depleting some of my cool Callaway Tour Gear. You are buying the pair of Tour Issue Fairways! 1 Box .... 1 Price .... $225.00. I ship via USPS. PayPal to [email protected] please. 45+ POSITIVE Feedback on eBay; 30+ POSITIVE Feedback on WRX! Buy with confidence! THANK YOU, TSG!!
  3. Where did the brochure go from Miura Giken with all the custom options available to the head? (Ex. Reduced Offset, Thin Top Line, Square Toe, etc.) In English is a plus!! THANK YOU!!
  4. ... early indications though, are it doesn't feel good!
  5. Not music to my ears! ... Here's holding out that the feel is at least improved.
  6. That Star looks great! And what I meant by draw biased was external. If you look at the Forged, external weighting is slightly draw biased (no toe weighting). If you look at the Rogue Star it is heavily draw biased (no toe, no center weighting). The Epic Flash Star will be the first, since the original Epic Star, that will allow for weighting on the toe. The original Epic Star had great promise but the feel and sound we're horrid. That is why I chose the Forged. Feel and sound couldn't be more different. Here's hoping the Epic Flash Star feels and sounds like the Forged!
  7. Sweet. Is there a picture up? .... What kind of weight setup? Back track? Face MWT? Just hoping it's not draw biased.
  8. Any news on the Callaway Japan 2019 Driver Releases? Epic Flash? Have heard very little, but I do know Epic Flash will be a Japan release as well. And there IS a glued head Driver! Ultimately looking for details on the Glued Head Driver! THANK YOU!!
  9. Are the lofts the same on Global version? Is there a GW available in the Global?
  10. Would love to see more of the Global. Surprised how early pictures are showing up. I had heard maybe mid June of next year.
  11. SOOO. There WILL be a US Version! Interesting!
  12. Any interesting in splitting out the 57° C Grind?
  13. Hi TSG ... I am looking for a NEW Fujikura Rombax P95 Extra Stiff Shaft - 46". I need ONE. I've got 4, and was fortunate enough to get each brand new. So I'm hoping to continue the trend! ? I know somebody out there has one hidden away. Please let me know! Talk soon! THANK YOU, TSG!! Happy 4th to all!
  14. These are kinda growing on me. Not sure how I feel about that. I wonder if I'd be able to get them "Custom" and get them without the MC-501 Stamp on back of head.
  15. My Epic Forged is STATESIDE!!! ... Sitting in New York!! ... And my Epic Star (JDM) is sitting on my desk!! Two new Drivers by the end of the week! ... STOKED to say the least! I haven't even hit an Epic yet since their release, held out, held out, and held out to get both of the bonded heads! 10.5° in each, Star gonna be Animal Style and the Forged is gonna get heavy too! Shafting with Kai'li 80x at 43.50"!!
  16. Anyone ready to move theirs? Callaway GBB Epic Forged 10.5° Driver Prefer head only. Will listen to all. THANK YOU!!!
  17. Have to see it in person .... Address picture looks kinda funky but glare makes it tough to truly see.
  18. So the IC-601 blade shares names with the IC-601 driving iron? So confused.
  19. Hey TSG!Goooooooooood Afternoon!I am listing today, against my own desires, a MINT A-Grind Classic 350 10.5* Driver with Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Kai'li Ion 80 Extra Stiff and Lamkin Tour Issue Crossline Cord Ribbed grip.See the pictures below, CLEAN, and they don't do it justice! I do not want to sell, but something has come up and this is the only golf item expendable.Was built by a Master Builder, the shaft and grip were installed BRAND NEW. Plays 43 3/4" and D5.0. No shaft tipping. Loft 11.60*. Lie 60.00*. Face Angle 2.00* Open.I will only move, if I get my price. Do not miss out, I expect this could move fast due to how few are Stateside.$325.00 Price includes PayPal Transaction Fees; as well as, Shipping, Handling and Insurance (heavy) via the USPS.Please see my eBay (AceLaird) and WRX (Raidersgolf99) feedback history for reference, PERFECTION!!!Talk soon! ... Stay warm!! ... THANK YOU!!!
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