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  1. Every once in a while I come back and read some old posts. We had some fun in this thread. If any of you guys are out there check in and I hope all is well with you. Alan
  2. Chris you are not that scary. Andy, I am still here and only accomplished to play 13 holes last year. I have a 13 month old now and he takes up a lot of time. Golf is on the back burner especially after I tore up my wrist three years ago and had a son in the NICU for 2 weeks...that was a rather large bill even with insurance. I quit playing and then when I could get back out I had lost the desire and I have taken up tennis. It is alot easier to play tennis at night. I still get out and chip around the yard but that is about it for now. I wonder about the guys every now and then too. I know Shoe and Mac are mods at wrx or at least I think shoe is. Have not got a clue about Lance. How are things in your world Andy? Alan
  3. Guys, Good to see that we still check in from time to time. I have not played in I guess 18 months now. Building a new house takes over your life and not much time to do a lot. We should be moving into our new house in the next 2-3 weeks so I am very excited about that. Comning in slightly over budget but we have done pretty good. My father had his third heart attack in the past 3 years this past Sunday and it resulted in him having to undergo 5 bypasses on Tuesday. They would have liked to wait 2 weeks since he was on plavix but could not ait so it was a little riskier than normal but he came through it pretty good. Sore as hell and having some issues with depression and anger...partly due to nicotine withdrawl. I sure hope he will quit smoking but I doubt it. Take care guys and have a great weekend. Alan
  4. Does anyone have any experience with the PRGR Silverblade putters. I was wondering if anyone coould specifically compare the sb02 to a Scotty Cameron JAT....I am still kicking myself for selling my JAT.
  5. Andy, Thanks for the well wishes on my father. He is doing good but he needs to quit smoking. At least he is starting to watch what he eats and he is starting to walk so those are good...I just wish he would quit smoking. Next week for the house finish sheeting the house, start drilling hoiles and pulling wires for electricity, and start plumbiong, and the windows and doors should be delivered on Friday. I will be helping with the electrical work. We got a family friend who is a very particular electrician to do the house at a discounted rate. I sold the I506 back a couple of months ago. I just was not playing so i thought I would go ahead and let someone else enjoy them. I have my old TM 300 in the bag but I wish I would have never sold my MP32 that you put the s400 in. I probably could not hit them worth a crap right now but those were great feeling irons. Have a great week guys. Has anyone heard from Mike or Lance lately?
  6. Shoe, I am still around. I have just been very busy with house building...I was helping sheet the roof today and with tennis that I just have not gotten on here to post in a while. I still have not played a round since March and I might just go ahead and hang it up for the year. I just do not have the fire in my belly. My piece of advice to all: Never make your hobby part or all of your job. I have done this twice now and each time I have left the game for quite a while. Back to the house...the wife and I are hoping to be in by new years. My grandfather, uncle, and cousin are the ones building and they are not known as the fastest but the craftsmanship is second to none. All the studs line up from every direction. They are all the same distance apart. He did not use trussesw to build the roof but stick built instead. This thing is solid. I have only fallen through the floor joists once...talk about one helluva a bruise from catching my self. Thank goodness I did not go all the way through to the basement. I am going to take a couple of days off to help with the sheeting around the house. I have gotten to work with my grandfather a lot (he is 78 and could out work most 35 year olds...very nimble on his feet) and I am just in awe everyday. My father goes in for either stints or bypass surgery tomorrow so that is going to be a long day. he had his second heart attack this year just 2 weeks to the day shy of a year from his first one and i was the one that took him to the hospital again. Luckily this one was not as bad and did not require CPR after I got him there. I have not heard from Andy or Mike in a while and I hope they are doing good. I will check back in soon and I hope all is going well in the world of Shoe and you guys. Alan
  7. Mike I am glad to hear you are doing good and that your game is coming around. I myself have lost the desire to play for the time being. I have had a very busy couple of months. The golf season wrapped up with the girls winning the state championship and our number 1 girl winning the individual state champ, player of the year, and all state and 2 of our boys made it to state. We break ground on the house on June 22 and that will more than likely mark the end of my golf for the near future. I have overcome the tendon and ligament damage in my right wrist finally and then 2 night ago I mess up my left wrist so that is also contributing to my lack of golf. I have been able to play tennis over the past year because I can tape my right wrist and play without bothering it and I am finally to the point I can play without tape but it does not feel right so I still tape it. I am more than likely going to sell most of my bag and use my old TM300 when I decide to play and keep the wedges and three wood. I hope you guys are doing good! Alan
  8. Good to see you guys are doing good. Shoe I too thought that was funny about the blue screen of death. Mike I am glad to hear you have gotten to play 4 times. Shoe you will have to let us know how the change goes. I have gone back to cavity backs with the Srixons but my golf is about to end for quite a few months. My grandfather who will be 78 this summer is starting on my house in about a month to a month and a half. The golf team is in full swing and I have basically got no time for golf or tennis. I think I have played 18 holes twice in the last 7 months...might be 8 now but I have gotten in nine holes three times. My game is very rusty. I am turning 39's into 42's....oh well what can I expect. My wife is considering getting a prozac lick for me once the house starts but I am looking forward to working with my grandfather, my uncle, and one of my cousins on it. Thats all for now...have a great week.
  9. Shoe sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I have family members that have diabetes so I know it is not something to take lightly. I am very glad to hear you have lost the weight and that you are taking an aggressive step towards your health. Andy i will agree with the v2 905 combo. I hit it once and felt that the v2 had no feel what so ever. I also love my 660tr in my bridgestone . Perfect combo. I think you might remember where it came from . Well I am helping coach the golf team at the school I am working at. Our #1 girl shot even par the other day from the white tees at the course I play the most...about 3200 yards for the nine holes. She is very good and unflappable...has ice in her veins on the course. I got to hit my Srixon I506 again today and all I can say is that I am throughly impressed. Great clubs. I love the ball flight and the feel. Great clubs to look into. Have a great weekend guys.
  10. Pete: There is a store called Golf Dimensions and another called Martin's Golf and Tennis superstore. Martins is affiliated with the PGA Tour for their fitting and so fourth. Take a look out for demo days in the area when you are going to be there and if not I am sure you could check with some of the courses you are playing at. I have not been there in a few years so I am sure things have changed since I was there last. Below is a link to Martins...it's a pretty big store with a launch monitor. http://www.martinspgatoursuperstore.com/#
  11. Shoe I hope all is well with the family. I am too looking forward to this new year but a whole lot of golf is not in the futurre due to the fact we are building a house starting this summer. My grandfather who has been building for 50 years will be building the house with his three man crew (which includes my uncle and a cousin). I will be doing as much work as possible on this to keep the cost down so i will not be getting a lot of golf in after it starts. I just got a new set of irons... Srixon I-506... and posted a review. I hope all of you guys are doing good. It would be good to hear from everybody. Alan
  12. You might want to private message Chris (tourspecgolfer) for the gauge japan apparel and private message Ari (fairwayfred) for Scratch apparel.
  13. Andy it is good to hear from you. I am glad to hear the three turkeys came out great. Sounds like quite the feast for the holidays at your place. Did Lance ever get the Accra shaft from you? If not do what you wish with it. I think it has been in your possession long enough to be your property. Things are going to get busy for my wife and I in the next year. We just got our blueprints for our house and our builder stated that he would be able to start this late spring early summer. We are both quite excited over this. Our house is too small for 2 people and a dog let alone three people and a dog. We want to increase our family but are going to wait until we have room. I almost wish the next year has gone by because we both want to be in the house but good things come to those who wait so we will wait. I have played golf once in the last six months. I have been playing tennis with the wife and some other folks and I love the one on one competition. Totally different feeling from golf. Also tennis is a lot cheaper and does not take me away for the whole day. When I had the handicap down to a 4 I would be gone 6 hours to play (warmup, play 18, practice after round) and my wife would just be sitting around the house. That is not taking into account the 1-2 hours of practice two to three times a week. I am sure I will start playing again but I am never going to be as serious again as I was. I will have to get some more forgiving clubs. Last time I played the ball striking a bit off and with the Mp32 boy it was a bit harsh. Damn I am long winded. I hope all of you guys have a happy holiday season.
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