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  1. Modart Bangvoo Build

  2. Modart Bangvoo Build

    Side by side face pics. From left: Crazy 435 - TRPX S-013 - Modart MA01D - Ryoma Maxima Type D Face height as measures from top to bottom of face plate is as follows: 435 - 52.5 mm S013 - 50.5mm MA01D - 53.5mm Maxima - 51.5mm Measuring from where the crown starts to break to the face and where the face starts to break to the sole, the 435 is by far the deepest at 57mm. Using my NASA tested 200 degree eye and 2nd son's measuring rule :-)
  3. Modart Bangvoo Build

    Have been asked to remove post.
  4. And she is THE best range finder ever! Take 3 out at once LOL.
  5. Gold's Factory George Spirits Mono 3 Putter

    It's a great putter Todd. Just not getting enough green time with my other putters. Am perfectly ok to keep this but I thought some GF enthusiast will enjoy and use this more.
  6. Gold's Factory George Spirits Mono 3 Putter

    Still looking for a new home.
  7. Bushnell V2 with the jolt thing is good.
  8. Not too common here but if you can get your hands on a demo of the new kasco tornado 7, definitely give it a try. Very versatile and long. Forgiveness level is high too.
  9. Double congrats on the twins! 5! I take my hat off to you dude!
  10. most anti-left driver shaft?

    Maybe the Modart Chiro? Supposed to be anti-hook from what I read on their website. I have the deeper faced Modart on the way in. Will let you know how it goes soonest. Will be trying the TJ46 in there first so that I can have a direct compare to the 435 and then will try the Bangvoo Premium in it.
  11. Royal Albartross

    Looks nice Ash but does;t look terribly comfortable. Looks kinda tall as well. Let me know how they go. Could be an alternative to Eccos.
  12. Dance With Dragon 3 Wedge HEAD set

    Still for sale
  13. Price Drop - SDJ CF I Iron HEADs

    Still for sale