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  1. SOLD thanks TSG
  2. Bought this near new on this site a while back. Lightly used Red WinWin Style golf bag. Was brought to the range twice and then used to store extra clubs in a home office of a smoke and pet free home. Patent leather/vinyl material. Clever design so that stand legs can be stored behind a flap. Can be used as stand or cart bag. Matching rain cover included. Asking $350 shipped. Ideally could sell/trade locally in So Cal area. Last time I shipped a bag it was pretty expensive even at standard ground, so please keep in mind when making offers. Trades considered would be flow neck putters like a Scotty Santa Fe, current line of GoPro cameras, Nintendo switch, roger dunn credit. Really just trying to do some spring cleaning for an expected move. No clubs included from pictures (just bag and the bag’s rain cover in the asking price).
  3. Tough crowd. Price drop to $260 or best offer. I think a beyond power 3 wood pull sold for $100+ recently on the site, but lmk if pricing is off. Thanks.
  4. WTS Ryoma Maxima Type D 10.5* driver. Be like Thanos with the infinity flex graphite design "beyond power" shaft. The shaft is designed to work with a wide range of swings and I believe it. As I was recovering from injury I needed a shaft that would work with my inconsistent rehab swings. I felt like it worked when I was swinging from 60% to 90% of my normal swing speed. Now tho, I am fully committed to playing a 43-44 inch driver. Sticker says special tuning 10.5, but it is a maxima type D head. Don't know if the sticker was conveniently used when installed, but the driver does play at 46.5 depending where measured on sole.
  5. Thanks for the interest. These just sold.
  6. These boards are funny. Members said the same thing of cost, but when I tried to sell spoon's old set interest shrank like a unit after swimming in cold water for a couple hours...
  7. Yes, I know a long shot, but I once had Spoon's old set and I miss them...
  8. Looking to sell or trade, my summer iron project. Sourced the heads, shafts, ferrules, and grips separately, then professionally built by Quality Golf in Southern California. Callaway Legacy Black Stenson model 5 - PW, matte black program 95 shafts. The matte black program shafts were not available in retail and were made available to a friend with a matrix contact. Grips are leather Best perforated grips that still feel tacky every time I pull an iron out of the bag.Regular flex but plays pretty close to other stiff graphite shafts. I asked Dean (builder with over 30 years of experience) to swing weight to D3, so 5 iron plays to about 38.5 inches, with .5 inch increments.Asking $600 or best offer. Trade interest includes Taylormade P790, Callaway Diablo Forged, Callaway Epic pro or similar irons. Really looking to move back into regular or stiff flex steel shafts like Modus 120 or S Taper 110, but will consider other steel shafts or heavier graphite shafts. Also looking for a Cameron Santa Fe TeI3. Always looking for Roger Dunn's credit. Depending on trade will balance or ask to balance with $. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks for all the interest. This club is pending. SOLD
  10. Looking to sell or trade a nice condition Jbeam zy-11 10* with a very sought after Basileus AAA 60 stiff. It's the 2016 model based on image searches. Pictures were taken today and show current condition. Because of the deep face head there are a few hits high in the face that blends with the topline. Not true skymarks, but I took pictures as best I could to capture the condition. (If you're sensitive about perfect clubs, please pass as I've disclosed as best I could.) SOLD I don't anticipate price drops as this is one I don't mind keeping. The shaft is one of the smoothest I've tried and the head is a great example of foam filled mid launch/spin that I can always go back to play. Trade interest includes TaylorMade M1 2017 drivers and M4 tour 3 wood. Also looking for a Cameron Santa Fe TeI3 or Yes! Morgan (napa style) putters. Would consider raw iron sets or sets with higher weight graphite shafts like steelfiber cw125 or cw110 shafts, Roddio i10, Taylormade p790 irons, or roger dunns credit. As you can tell trying to find a good trade so listing pretty broad asks. Please pm with any questions or offers.
  11. Would really like to move this week. $250 or best offer?
  12. Another price drop to $310 or best offer?
  13. Any trade ideas? I wouldn’t mind a m3 460 or credit at roger dunn’s
  14. Price drop to $375 obo.
  15. Sold on auction site.
  16. Picked this driver up in trade, but getting along too well with my Ryoma that I don't want to go through the process of finding the right shaft. Offering it up for sale or trade. A Grind Classic 10.5, 350cc with Diamana kai'll 80 x-stiff. Playing length from butt of grip to sole is just shy of 44 inches. Asking $325 or best offer. Trade interest include a vessel golf bag or another interesting design bag preferably JDM. Also interested in Roger Dunn credit, or flow neck anser/newport style of putters. Please pm with any questions or offers. Thanks for looking.
  17. Pretty open to set composition, but ideally looking for 4-pw.
  18. Looking for a set of Itobori irons in their burning copper or similar finish. Need .370 heads as I have a set of shafts ready to install. if you have a set of heads fitting the above, please pm me. Thanks
  19. Still willing to trade for iron set with graphite shaft. Just need a tad more forgiveness in set up
  20. Any offers out there? Got my eye on another set so would love to move these.
  21. Picked this up from a good member of the boards. I wish I was a better ball striker, but I am not consistent enough for these blades. Mizuno Yoro craft MP4/MP54 combo (5,6 iron MP54 and 7-PW MP4) with Fire Express DGL 120x and Iomic grips with 2 wraps of tape that I purchased from a good member of the board. Quadra shafts are very high end, and the build I was told cost much more than asking price. The shafts play like a hardstepped S400 in my opinion. Not whippy at all. Love the shafts, but not consistent enough with the blades, and don't want to mess with build to bend/extend to fit my swing. A few grips starting to have a light finger pressure marks. Yoro craft is the custom mizuno department (as can be seen by the minimal stamping and custom finish). Specs from previous owner's post:Heads are 2* up. The shafts are 1/4" short of Mizuno standard. Swing weight is approx C9. PW loft is 44*.All items for the build were bought separately. Heads used from Japanese auction site. Grips brand new from tourspecgolf. Shafts used from Japanese auction site. Ferrules brand new from Geotech.Asking $450 or best offer. Ideal trade would be cavity back with roddio shafts, but Looking for irons with graphite shafts, Callaway Epic, C16, P790 or similar class. Would also be interested in Roger Dunn credit, maybe a nice flow neck putter. I will balance or ask to balance with cash any offer out there. If contemplating a trade and shipping I am in California. Please pm with any questions or offers. thanks
  22. I guess I should have waited for season to warm up...any interest at $650 or best offer shipped?
  23. Happy New Years! My resolutions start that with admitting that I should only be playing blades at the range off of pristine lies. Just not the same ball striker on the course.For sale or trade is a clean set of Epon Personal 1 with Steelfiber i80 shafts. The set was bought from original owner from Epon dealer in Chicago and the steelfiber shafts were installed new. Specs below provided when I bought the set. I am the second owner, but only played one round and handful of range sessions. Pictures tell the story as they were taken day of posting. Set shows normal use along the face with nothing prominent. 7 iron sole (pictured) show some finish loss from bad lie, some underlay showing but no rusting or excessive flaking. Black golfpride tour wraps with about 5 rounds on them. I tried to disclose all that I can, but if you need more pictures, please ask. SOLD, thanks for the interest!
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