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  1. Older and might be harder to find, but maybe the graphite design GAT 95 would work? I think they were a metal carbon composite?
  2. Okay think I am settled in at driver so how how about $325 obo? Also looking for a jbeam zy-11 with a higher loft.
  3. Reluctantly looking to sell a great combo of Epon AF-101 9.5* with Diamana Stinger 70 stiff (original release). Picked this up from a member of good standing on the board and what I can remember from his original posting is that he believed the shaft is untipped and a one time pull. Measures approximately 45 inches from the butt of grip to sole of the head. Club is in good condition. Hit marks on face and sole are just finish wear, which is common of ion plated finish. The head blends so well with the ion finish of the stinger shaft. Comes with matching headcover as shown in the picture. SOLD
  4. One last try. $45 shipped for head and cover?
  5. Anyone interested in head and cover for $75 or best offer?
  6. Sigh, BST Limbo continues, I am pretty flexible so can go as low as needed. $250 shipped or best offer?
  7. 10* Yamaha Inpres X 410V head in good used condition. Pictures taken today and show current condition. Received in a trade with Stew, but never got around to using. 410cc and .335 hosel from info on the web. Red and black Yamaha Magnetic headcover included (will not separate). Asking $100 shipped or best offer.
  8. Anyone have a PRGR Egg HD, ryoma 3 or 5 wood, or Epon 202 HT they might be interested in trading?
  9. Up for trade or sale is the sexy older sibling to the R9 Forged. The Japan TaylorMade 2008 TP Forged has a lot going for it with the TP logo and crest, lined cavity, micro milling face. Coupled with stiff True Temper Tour concept shafts, red ferrules, and Red No.1 grips, this set gets a lot of compliments on the range and course. The true temper shafts have varying tip flex in the long, mid, and short irons designed for the longer irons to be easy to get higher launch, mid with a moderate trajectory, and shorter irons to play flatter. It also has a glare reducing coating along the shaft. Set is 3-PW, with 3 iron being head only. The set is in very good condition given it's age. I should have taken better pictures of the faces and try to capture the slight micro milling. Sorry for the ball marks on the short irons. if you want clearer face pics, let me know and I can shoot some. Asking $400 or best offer. Trade interest include Bettinardi BB0 putters, the recent limited bb28 or bb1 tiki, yamada putters, and possibly drivers or 4 woods. Please pm with any questions or offers. Thanks.
  10. Not having much luck selling, so open to trade offers. Especially partial trade + $ deals
  11. Would like to sell (possibly trade) a set of Miura wedges. 1957 K grind set 52, 56, 60. Heads were received in trade from a good member of the forum and modus shafts were bought and installed through my local shop. New winn pro wrap midsize grips. Wedges are in very good condition. Face pic shows light wear and were taken today. Most wear is some finish loss from sole of 60*, but otherwise good condition throughout. Shafts were installed new and only had one range session after putting the set together. Looking to sell all wedges together so won't break up set. SOLD Trade for Bettinardi BB0 putters or perhaps other similar Bettinardi models. Please pm with any questions or offers. Thanks for looking.
  12. Any trades? Looking for a 4 wood or a shaft to use with a PING G30...
  13. Let's get this moved. How about $125 obo?
  14. Fourteen DT111 10.5 driver with Bassara 53x5ct stiff. This is the one made famous (infamous?) by one of TSG's very own... Very powerful feel at impact thanks to the popular VL titanium cup face with a 15-3-3-3 Ti body material +KS100 parts to produce a 4 piece composite structure titanium head. Traded. Merry Christmas and please pm with any questions or offers.
  15. Another price drop on irons: $270 obo. Or trade for Titleist forged wedges, camerons, bettinardi, stiff flex driver shafts, or any ideas just shoot me a pm.
  16. Price drop: $300 obo irons $140 obo driver $400 for both Need to move, so please make an offer if interested.
  17. Just to throw some trade ideas out there, I'd consider irons with graphite shafts, TaylorMade Burner Forged or Burner TP (JDM Version), VG3, Legacy or irons along those lines. Thanks for looking...
  18. 1. Yamaha Inpres X V forged Irons (circa 2009 or 2010, I believe) 4-PW, Graphite Design Tour AD 75 Stiff, 52*/8 Inpres X apporach wedge shafted with the same shaft as the set. Inpres grips and Yamaha serial bands on the shafts. Asking $360 obo 2. Yamaha Inpres X V202 Tour Model 9* Graphite Design Tour BB 7 stiff. 45 inches from butt of grip to where sole of the driver first meets face. Yamaha serial band, tour velvet Inpres X grip, head cover included. SOLD Please pm with any question. Trades welcome. Take them both for $500 obo shipped. International would be more. Thanks
  19. Sorry to throw this topic off tangent, but are there any used golf club shops to recommend in Osaka/Kyoto?
  20. Yes aerotech (darn spell correct). I think I had a set of the cw110 in stiff with the 2013. I could never dial in that set. Maybe the heads were too light to flex the shaft properly. I had a set of the shingospec i11 in the 2011s and that set was perfect but missing a pw. Combo was great for distance because I could swing as hard as I wanted and the roddios kept dispersion tight. The 358s may only be small depending on what set you're moving from. I was using a blade before gaming the 358 and they never appeared too small to my eye. The finish is a durable gold tinted satin. Holds up well.
  21. I've hit the 2011, 2013, and 358. I prefer the shape of the 358 toe and flat top line. It frames the ball well for my eyes. Like all irons feel is very shaft dependant. Tried Ameritech in the 2011 set and it felt like a marshmallow. I could never get a feel for where I made contact on the face. Love the feedback with the 358, buy it could bs the roddio i10s in them that make the difference.
  22. I picked this set up from a member from another forum in good standing. I've taken it to the range to get a feel for the set and have since signed up for a proper fitting. I wanted to test the club and I like modus shafts, but hoping that a proper fitting will get the right combo for me as I think the shafts aren't loading for my swing. It could be that I have finally gotten too comfortable with the graphite (roddio shafts) in my current gamers. The set is 5-pw, and I was told standard loft, lie, and length from the previous seller. 5 iron is 38 inches per Titleist measurements. The grips are a Japanese brand Cadero that I understand to be an expensive JDM brand. They feel comfortable and give good feedback. Nippon Modus 120 shafts will also be an upcharge from what my local fitter told me. The previous owner played one round, and I've taken to the range for 2 sessions. Great irons and hoping to dial in with a shaft that fits better. Only real trade interest right now is trade towards a gamer 009, Cameron inspired by Rory, or maybe a circle t newport. Will balance as needed. Please pm with any questions or offers. Pics were taken today and show current condition as of posting. If you need any other angle, please pm. But the face iron picture of the pw, the most used club should give an indication that the clubs are still very clean. TRADED
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