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    Driver - EMB 12 with Mamiya x-6066 3 WD - 15 degree PRGR EGG spoon 5 WD - PRGR EGG 9 WD - PRGR EGG Irons - Yonex NanoV Tour Forged(4 - PW) AW - 52 (bent to 53) Custom Mizuno LW - 58 (bent to 59) Custom Mizuno Putter - Tourstage M-2P
  1. I concur with everything that was just stated. Only thing I would add is that they are pretty darn forgiving for their size and the feel is awesome. Firmly in my bag.
  2. Thanks for post. Interesting reading.
  3. I have played the Tourstage 703 (not limited) and OnOff forged and both are really good irons. If I was going to chose between those two irons, it would be the Tourstage based on my preference for feel. Although you said it was between those four iron sets, I would also recommend the Fourteen 910.
  4. I have only had a chance to play a couple of rounds with it, but so far I am enjoying it. I currently replaced my driver and 3wd with it. Drives with Ground Driver are about 15 yards shorter than my old driver. Off the deck it has performed pretty well. I was about 280 out on a par five and ball ended up about about 15 yards short. I could never hit any 3 wd that far off the deck. Granted the ball did not get to high in the air, but it did go. Since this club replaced both driver and 3wd, I now have an opening in the bag, which will be filled with a 4 or 5 wd for my round this Saturday. I will play that combination for a few rounds and see how it works and more importantly if it lowers my scores. I will report back after a couple more rounds. Aloha Randy
  5. I will try to get home from work tomorrow before the sun goes down to take some picture. Great taste in scotch as Laphroaig is with out a doubt one of my favorites.
  6. Stumbled across the WORKS Ground Driver in one of the golf shops I was visiting today. Of course being the club HO I am, had to buy it and give it a try. It is 11 degrees in loft and 44 inches long. I will try to get pictures up in the next couple of days, but as you can imagine, it has a very shallow face. The one I got has a Mamiya OP shaft, which also says Proforce SP on it, in stiff flex. Took it to the range and I was pretty surprised, in a good way, about this club. Hitting off the tee, it wasn't that far from the distance of my driver. Surprisingly to me, I could also hit it off the deck pretty well. It was 20 to 30 yards further than my Ping TI Tech 14 degree 3 wd, which had been my go to club. Ball flight was not as high as the Ping and would like to hit a little higher, but it ran like a scared jack rabbit after it hit the ground. I hit it better and longer than the 13 degree EGG spoon I had a while back. I don't know if this club will make it permanently in my bag, but it does give me some options to try. The course I normally play really only requires a driver on the par 5s if you want to try and make it home in 2. So one possibility is to use this club as my driver and long 3 wood and then have a 16 or 17 degree fairway wood or hybrid as my next lowest lofted club, or I could carry a driver and this club as my 3wd and that have a 19 degree or so hybrid as my next lowest lofted club. It is going to be fun to experiment and see what brings me the best scores. Any one else try this club? Aloha Randy
  7. Just picked up a set of 2003 Hogan Apex 50th anniversary irons to mess around with. Did some research and some people think they were Japan forged and specifically Endo forged. Do anyone know for sure or have any info? Thanks Randy
  8. Picked up a set of the new Fourteen TC-910 irons and have 2 range sessions and 9 holes of golf with them. They are, or I should say were, battling the Fourteen TC-550 forged and Tourstage X-blade 703 irons for a place in my bag. In an earlier post I did a mini-shootout between the TC-1000, TS x-blade 703 and Ping J-spec Raptures. 703s won pretty easily and the proved to me that I hit mid to slightly smaller than mid sized CBs the best. Being the club HO that I am I decided to try a couple of sets of that type/size iron before making a decision on the set that will be in the bag for quite a while. At least that is my plan. I have always like the feel of Fourteen irons beginning with the 770 non-forged, which I sometimes regret not keeping. Thus, the reason for picking the Fourteen sets of irons to try. Impressions of the TC-910: Looks - To me they are the best looking set of CBs I have seen. Like the satin look a little better than the chrome look of the TC-550 forged and TS 703s. They have minimal offset, but so do the other two set of irons. Didn't measure, but topline looks about the same as the other two set and soles might not be quite as wide. Feel - Of course feel is subjective, but this is the best feeling set of irons I have ever hit and I have had a lot of iron sets. The other two sets also felt good, but again my opinion, not quite the same or as good at the TC-910s. Forgiveness - The TC-910s are not as forgiving as the other two sets, but are not blade like in forgiveness. A person I know told me the 910s are just as forgiving as the 550 forged. I didn't find the to be quite true, but more forgiving that you would think. For reference, I feel the order of forgiveness from most to less is 550, TS703 and then 910. Overall - all three sets of irons are great/exceptional and differences are pretty minimal. Even though they have a little less forgiveness, I decided on the TC-910s based on feel and looks. Following are some pics of the TC-550 and TC-910 irons. Tourstage irons were sold before I got home to take the pictures: PW, 7 iron and 4 iron (TC-910 left for each iron) PW sole (TC-910 on left) PW, 7 iron and 4 iron (TC-910 on left for each iron) If anyone would like different shots of the Fourteen TC-910s, please let me know. Aloha randy
  9. A little info on why I did this min-shoot out. First, I will admit right up front that I am a golf club Ho and like trying all types of irons, but really do need to settle on one set of irons for a while. Second, I keep reading that blades will make you better player, then GI clubs will make you better and etc. I have tried all styles, but never head-to-head, so decided to get three different style irons and do this mini-shoot out. For the GI irons, I decided on the Ping Rapture J-spec irons. For the mid-sized, or maybe a little smaller than mid-sized, I picked the TS X-Blade 703, and for player type CB, it was the Fourteen TC 1000. I was thinking about adding a set of pure blades, but as a 13 capper know that I am not consistently good enough. My shoot out was not very scientific as each set of irons had different shafts and was only done over period of two rounds and 4 range sessions, but good enough for me to make a decision. For the two rounds I went out when very few people were on the course hit my drive and then dropped 3 balls and then hit the appropriate iron of each set. Following are my impressions and results: Looks: Tie for first and second place: TS 703 and Fourteen TC1000. Both set up really nice to the ball. Visually the Fourteens looked to have a little less offset, more of a satin finish and a simple well designed over all look. The TS 703, although different looked just as good at address and of course to me that is where looks count. Third place - Ping J spec Rapture: This probably doesn't surprise anyone as they were not made to win a beauty contest. Actually they don't look bad at address, especially since the J spec have less offset than US model. Feel: First place: TC1000 - To me these are one of the best feeling irons I have ever hit. Somewhat soft, but very solid. I would rank them equal to EPON 310 and ONOFF 247, which are the two best feeling irons I have ever hit. Second place: TS 703 - Not far behind the TC1000 in the feel category. Great feel and maybe preferred over the TC1000 by some or many. For me they were just not quite as solid feeling. Third place: J spec Rapture: Surprising these didn't feel that bad and better that most cast clubs I have tried, but they definitely don't have that good forged feel. Forgiveness: First place: I'm sure this is not a surprise that it is the J spec Rapture. Very, very forgiving, but some interesting results that I will talk about in the next section. Second place: TS 703, which I found pretty darn forgiving for a mid, to smaller than mid, sized CB iron. Third place: Fourteen TC 1000. From the looks of them I thought they would only be a little more forgiving than a blade, but although not as forgiving as the TS 703 and for sure no where near as forgiving as the J spec Rapture, they do have some forgiveness. Distance( which I tried to take into account difference in lofts, although max difference was two degrees): Tie first and second place: When I purred a shot, difference between each set was minimal. Of course I don't pure every shot, so overall it was a tie between J spec Rapture and TS 703. My typical miss with the Raptures was always a little fat or the ball would ballon a little cutting down the distance some. For some reason I didn't have similar problems with the TS 703s on my not pure hits. Third place: Fourteen TC 1000. On not purred shots I would probably average 5 to 10 yards less than the other 2 set of irons. GIRs (most important category for me): First place: TS 703. I was hitting balls into the greens from 120 to 180 yards. Over the two rounds I hit about 65% of the greens. That may not sound great to you, but I play a course with very small greens and I am a mid-capper and for me that is a pretty good %. Second place: Fourteen TC 1000. I hit about 50% of the greens. Most of my misses, where 5 to 10 yards short. Third place: Ping J spec Rapture. This one really confused me as I only hit about 45% of the greens. They are extremely forgiving and just as long as the other two sets, but a lot of the shots were pin high, but left or right of the green, which is not good for the course I normally play. Over all: First place: TS 703 and it wasn't even really close. Really good looks and feel, excellent distance and best, by far, in hitting greens. Second place: Fourteen TC1000. If they were more forgiving, they would give the TS 703 a run for the money. Third place: Ping J spec Rapture. Don't know why, but just could not hit this set as well as the other two. What did I learn: First was the TS 703 is a really great set of irons. Second was that I just can not seem to hit/play as well with GI type irons and do better with mid sized CB irons. Will the TS 703 be a permanent fixture in my bag and cure my HOing for irons? For now yes, but now that I settled on a style of iron, there are a few more that I am going to have to try. They are the EPON 502, Ping Answer forged, and Fourteen TC 910 (although they might not be any more forgiving than the TC1000) and maybe some others mid to slightly smaller that mid sized CB irons that have a good forged feel. If you have any other suggestions for irons that I should try that fit in that category, please let me know. Aloha Randy
  10. Very sweet! To bad I am just not consistently good enough to play blades.
  11. I have not hit every driver out there, but I haven't found any that are more forgiving. Of course part of that, and bases of design, is that at shorter length I get closer to the sweet spot each time. My playing partners have promised to lock me up if I ever get rid of this driver as I hit it so well and will have completely lost my mind if I get rid of it. I profess that I am a complete golf HO, but seriously I don't even look at drivers any more. Aloha Randy
  12. I have never actually had the face measured to see whether it is closed or not. It doesn't look very closed to me. My normal shot with most drivers is a little draw and that is exactly what I get with this driver. The Impact driver is still in my bag, which is saying a lot being the big Ho I am.
  13. CLub repair person told me the other day that J spec raptures are 355 tip size.
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