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  1. Great driver from Kamui Pro in Japan. Very clean as you can see from the pictures. Pristine build(not by me). No idea if it was ever pulled but Id bet on no. 45.25inches; D2.5; 308 grams; Face Angle is Zero Kamui TP-07 Version 2 which uses a DAT55G face one of the most desired face materials found in JDM drivers from Daido Steel Co. in Japan. Limited Edition white head Furthermore TP-07 Version 2 to be a bit more special as Kamui has shaved the face down to the exact Maximum COR while keeping it under SLE rules ( conforming ). 1/500 2015 Basileus AAA Shaft in matte black--60 Stiff. Matching Cover included. $459 gifted USA—not interested in splitting or trades. $495 Gifted Worldwide other than AUS and France Thanks TSG
  2. Love the french...but their postal delivery service is lacking initiative
  3. s

  4. Thx TsG

  5. Kamui—Used. Looks great at address. Solid as it gets and smoother AAA than the 2015 version. Only ferrule I had is too big—don’t notice at address. If you are looking for a pristine club keep looking. Shaft is Ion plated so every little Mark shows up in the sun—once again you don’t notice it when you are playing. Search Kamui Ver 2 for more info on this great head. DAT55g face AAA is 2014 model I think—all gold Just a smidge under 45.5 inches Masda Slick Fit Grip 2005 US Open Cover $old SY—stock stiff shaft No big uglies Great from all lies and very long I’ll find a non matching cover Sold
  6. sold---thanks TSG

    One drop for old times sake😇
  7. sold---thanks TSG

    My #1 JDM Head Hands Down DAT55G Face Pristine condition 45.3 Inches FA Square D1.5 $635 LE Aldila Rogue Black Tour TR50 Shaft Red Elite Grip $old shipped USA Gifted—no trades
  8. so long BST...thanks TSG

    $400 shipped gifted...
  9. so long BST...thanks TSG

    $459 delivered USA gifted
  10. Sold

    Not a mark on it DAT55G--best in class for feel, sound and distance that I have tried...so far 45.5 inches sits square i have the same head in black for the past two years gifted USA shipped. No trades. Thanks TSG
  11. 2015 Basileus AAA 70 Stiff-$old

    Thanks. It’s on there.
  12. 44 in approx New Masda Slick Fit grip one time pull from Kamui TP-09s head $old gifted USA. No trades and price is as low as I’ll go for this one. Thanks TSG
  13. 2015 Basileus AAA 70 Stiff-$old

    One drop.
  14. thanks tsg

    $600 is my best price.
  15. Lie is 59.5 Looks square and plays square but don't have a way to measure face angle. I can go to the Post Office and have the head weighed. LMK.
  16. A beauty--borderline mint condition. Sound and feel are persimmon like. Decided to keep the AAA Rather ship to the USA---shipped this club to France on 11-4-17---delivered back to me yesterday. thanks TSG