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    Epon Personals/Epon 502's Adams Lab Launcher 8* driver w matrix black tie Tourstage 50/54/57 wedges Custom Edel putter TM 3/5 woods
  1. Thanks JM...definitely a special set of wedges.
  2. swisstrader

    kinoshohampo carry bags

    Very cool looking bags
  3. Moving these today...I have 3 offers at this stage. First one to come to me at $575 will own em.
  4. Really? I just bring it into them and never had a problem.
  5. Just picked up a set of ATVs and also looking at some custom scratch wedges
  6. As good and extreme as it gets in a wedge head and as rare as it gets in a shaft. Originally made for shigeki maruyama. Shafts alone are totally rare, theres almost none of these in existence. TourStage Maru's x-wedge in 50*, 53* and 57* lofts and with Monaco shafts. Now $550 plus shipping for all 3 wedges
  7. Stunning, just stunning...I have the Tourstage Maru wedges w Monacos that I'm putting up for sale shortly. Would be a nice matching set with these:)
  8. swisstrader

    epon personals

    Hehe...who was that masked craftsman?? I was amazed at how many emails I received on the Personals. Couldn't keep up with em
  9. swisstrader

    epon personals

    Why didn't you buy mine??!!