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  1. The leading edge is pretty sharp? Was the flaming done after the chrome was stripped or is it just a hue over the finish?
  2. What is the leading edge/sole grind of the Wilson's like?
  3. Leepark- Where did you get those Argyle ferrules? jlww3
  4. Nothing worse than glare. My vote is for Black but only if it is uniform across the whole club and face. jlww3
  5. I use to love Guinness. Then I went to Dublin on a golf trip and found out that what I was drinking isn't even close to the sweet nectar that is produce in that factory. Now that I am back at home I hate Guinness and I lay awake at night dreaming about returning to the emerald shores of Ireland just to have one more taste. Even if you don't like Guinness, if you are ever in Ireland DRINK IT. Do it for me. I drink: Killian's Irish Red Newcastle Pale Ale On a hot summer day Coors Light jlww3
  6. What are these made from? How do they feel? jlww3
  7. Tour Concept S3 Has the feel of the NS Pro but the weight of a DG It also gave me a more penetrating trajectory yet retains just as much if not more spin then any of the other wedge shafts except the spinners, those things are insane jlww3
  8. Will Miura do custom grinding like Mizuno Japan? jlww3
  9. I have hit a few mp-32 and really like the feel but hit them all too high. I think this was because they were all shafted with s300 which are a little to weak for me. I want to get a combo set of 27's and 32's, especially now that I've seen Chris's, but I'm affraid the 32's will go higher than the 27's now that I've seen how high I ca get. This is more than likely me being paraniod but any insight is much appreciated. jlww3
  10. 757 w/ tourspec graphics jlww3
  11. You can't go wrong with Sonatec. #3 FW on tour and only like 3 players on staff. That means alot. jlww3
  12. TourSpecGolfer- Let's here some of your crazy ideas? I'd love to know what you can come up with. The only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger now is that I'd pay 1500 for a set of heads considering I'd reshaft them the minute I got them. jlww3
  13. Everyone talks about the 32's being very forgiving. Is there a big difference in forgiveness between the 32's and the 27's when it comes to long irons? Is it worth it to mix the set for the added forgiveness in the 27's long irons? Please help. I'm a good ballstriker (2 handicap) but always looking for that little extra help. jlww3
  14. Chris- Any chance you could get custom options and/or grinds from Callaway Japan? You know, something like the Mizuno deal? jlww3
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