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  1. Just saw where the Titleist Vokey line will be offering a 64 degree this year, maybe that is worth checking out.
  2. I know its not JSPEC or 64/65 degrees, but Feel Golf offers a 73 degree wedge. Best of luck and I hope you find what your looking for.
  3. Im probably the minority, but I have had a Grafalloy Shafts. I have had the same shaft in my driver for the last 7 years and everytime I try a new driver, typically the shaft that preforms the best for me is a Grafalloy. Just my $.02
  4. I would but the club heads are at my other house right now. I can get some pics the next time I am home, but that will not be until next month. Is there anywhere on the PRGR website were the list past models by any chance? The seller told me that got these heads from someone that work there so something like that, I'm not really sure. I hope that I did not by some clubs that I was told were PRGR and they are not. Would there have been another Japanese golf club company that might have used the name Direct Neck on their irons?
  5. I recently bought some PRGR Direct Neck heads on ebay and wondering if anyone had any information about these heads. I was wondering if anyone knows or might now where I could find information about these iron heads, particularly what the lofts would be for a 2 iron, 3 iron, and 5 iron. Any help would be greatly appreicated since I am wanting to build a new set of clubs and wanted to use these heads.
  6. what magazine did these pictures come from? Where can I get a copy of this magazine at in Louisville, KY or possibly order it online? Any help would be great appreicate it.
  7. Does anyone know where I can find Taylormade TP Driving Iron to buy? I know that they were available on this website, but are no longer listed in the Proshop. Im interested in trying the model shown above or a new version if its available. Any help would be greatly appreicate.
  8. I dont know if there is a rule against this or not, so if there is, Im sorry. just want to get some information about this club and see if it is a real "TOUR ONLY" putter or just a retail and has been fit is the double bend shaft. Any help would be greatly appericated. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MEWA:IT
  9. Nice picks. Anyone know where I can find Golf Classics, Golf Style, or Gof Today at? I really enjoy looking at what other pro's are using. That was the many reason why I got a subscrition to Golf Digest, but it seems like they do the same players all the time.
  10. I have a question regarding the Fuji Banzi shaft in your woulds. Did they come out with the shaft recently or is it the same one as the hybrid? I went to a golf galaxy and asked about having one put in one of my FW, and they said they would only put it is a hybrid. Just curious.
  11. I was wondering if any of you club makers out there for have heard of the Nano Graphtek Golf Shafts? A clubmaker never me makes and re-shafts clubs and has started selling these shafts. I was wondering if anyone else has heard of them and what they thought about these shafts? Im thinking about re-shafting my Titleist 983 K with one of these shafts, but would like to hear more about it from some clubmakers and people who might have used them. Any help would be greatly appericated.
  12. What magazine did you get these pics from as well as Michelle Wie's bag.
  13. GA_Pike, I clicked on the link and it wouldnt let me in. Just thought that you might want to know since people may be trying to get into the link to look at your sticks. By the way, this is off the subject of this post, but are you a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity? Just wondering since your screen name is GA_Pike and I was a member of PiKA at Indiana State University.
  14. Awesome Pics. Can you find some of the other two models that are suppose to be coming out, I believe 905S and 905Z.
  15. Then explain why is caddie was carrying a bag that had an R7 headcover in the driver? I know it was his bag because it said Vijay Singh on it and I remember them talking about his new caddie and who he was. In not stupid, and I know even when he carried or still carries an R7 that he uses a Cleveland headcover with is son or wife's name on it. Golf Digest has featured his clubs in Whats in Bag a couple of times. I am not going to argue but he has a contract with Cleveland that says he has to have 13 cleveland clubs now. Since his 9/7/5 wood is a Cally Steel Head that would make his driver a Cleveland COMP and with the pictures around it is plain to see he was using a COMP the whole tourny. You must have been mistaken and seen the headcover from someone elses bag behind his. Nah, I dont think so, but whatever, saying and doing are two different things, and knowing how unhappy VJ was using a Comp in the Grand Slam of Golf, I find it hard to believe that he used a Comp. But after seeing some pics of him using it, maybe he did use it during certain rounds and used the R7 on Saturday, but whatever. He did play with Weir on saturday but as you say, whatever. We agree to disagree. Whatever driver he is using this year he should have at least 3-4 wins. Yeah, I can three or four wins, swing looks soild, putting looking pretty good, I like to see him win the US or British Open and finish the slam, but we will see.
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