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    S Yard XV 10.5 Fuji Platinum 65 Adams XTD Ti 15 Speeder VC 7.2 TS Adams XTD 17 DI 85 Onoff Kuros 4-PW KBS C taper PRGR Nabla Tour 4-pw KBS V Tour Vokey SM5 50,54,59 Yuyuri Seida 52, 58 Bettinardi BB-5 Proto/BB-8 Proto

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  1. Best Feeling Epon Iron Ever

    They are overrated, 302 is pretty good.
  2. Onoff Kuro 4-pw

    Somebody please buy these, you'll love them.
  3. AP1s sold and price drop.
  4. Onoff Kuro 4-pw

    I have not.
  5. Location: San Diego California USA It's under the avatar
  6. Onoff Kuro 4-pw

    Let's move these.
  7. Too much gear just hanging around, prices include shipping in the US. Outside pm for shipping quote, here we go. No trades please, reasonable offers considered, thanks Titleist Korean AP1 forged, these only have a couple rounds on them, head covers always used. 3-pw with C taper lite stiff shafts, mcc plus 4 midsize grips. These went for almost 1,500 4-pw here and sold out, 3-pw shafted $old Yamaha inpressX V202 10 degree head and head cover only, great condition $120 drop $110 S yard xv 10.5 with Fujikura Romdax Platinum 65S, plays 46". This is a bomber, good shape but an owie not seen at address see picture. $175 drop $150 S yard 3 stiff and 5 wood SR, good used condition $200 or $ 115 each drop $105 each SYB 3 wood 15 fujikura motore speeder few 80 stiff very good condition and long $115 drop $105
  8. Onoff Kuro 4-pw

  9. Onoff Kuro 4-pw

    Onoff kuros 4-PW with C Taper stiff soft stepped once that plays to a true stiff to me. They are plus 1/2" to US standard, 38.5" 5 iron, New Decade multi compound midsize all in very good condition. Small rock ding on 9 and pw, great set of irons, great feel and very forgiving. $650 shipped in the US others pm. Price drop $575.00 drop $550.00 US
  10. Irons 44 degree pw, no wonder I hit 7 iron 170, it's a 6 iron.
  11. close

    You've got a ranch now cowboy?