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    Is the 15* three wood still available?
  2. Axiv-V

    How does this shaft compare to the Diamana blue in characteristics?
  3. I prefer the classic style, but I am older. I do not mind the sporty styles that are out now and the kids enjoy them. I do not like the mock turtlenecks as a shirt, I prefer the colars.
  4. Srixon driver question

    Thanks for the information.
  5. What is the difference between the Srixon W505 US conforming and the Srixon 506 US release ? If this has been discussed before, I could not find the thread.
  6. Axiv or Diamana Red?

    Ari, Let me know since I am also looking at these two shafts along with the Rombax
  7. Shaft questions

    Ben, Some quick info - SS 105, quick tempo, hitter. Currently have a Comp with a 660 TR, 9.5* - ball flight is a little low, would like it rather higher, intentionally play a cut off the tee, weakness is if I go after it I hook it.
  8. Shaft questions

    Thanks - I was more interested in playing characteristics. I have heard the Rombax plays short compared to the others. The Red has me very interested.
  9. It is normally caused by trauma, not continued motion. The initial problem is an injury like hitting of hard pan, chunked, something where you put stress on the joint. This is then not allowed to properly heal because of continued use. It is easily aggravated by the golf swing. Tennis is the same as you put pressure on the joint by hitting the ball. Rest it, use medications to assist with decreasing the swelling, then work on muscle tone to help prevent it. The ion bracelet might be a placebo effect, but I have one and continue to wear it without problems.
  10. I will add that you need to rest the elbow until the pain is gone first. Having some form of vibration dampening system. Some form of NSAID will help like ibuprofen or naprosyn. I would recommend some form of ionic bracelet. I have been using a Phiten bracelet and have not had a problem since I started wearing.
  11. I think it will depend on the golfer and his ability. A good example would be me and my children. I am a single digit handicap and just breaking 80 is an average round. My daughter is on the high school golf team and her goal is to break 80 - her low round is 83 from the men's tees. My son is 8 and if he broke 100 I would be happy - but his goal is to beat his dad.
  12. Brushed Satin Mizuno MP-27's

    Those are some of the nicest clubs. I have always liked the look of the satin Mizunos.
  13. TSG v.3 Contest - Offical Entry Thread

    Chris, I am in.
  14. I would add the Sonartec SS-07 and the new Cleveland launcher.
  15. What Style suits you......

    I like the anser style but without the plumbers neck. I currently have the Yes Tracy II in the bag, but my backups are a Ping copper anser, Scotty Sante Fe, and a Gauge Designs GAA8.