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  1. pm-hacker

    pm-hacker's bag

    WITB updated :cool:
  2. pm-hacker

    pm-hacker's bag

    WITB updated
  3. pm-hacker

    Como Come Putter Cover....Shigeki "style"

    You're a sick man...LOL Better stop buying more putters...i kona kive u a :blackeye: :roll:
  4. pm-hacker

    Como Come Putter Cover....Shigeki "style"

    I think Chad should've bought you more covers since you're such a putter ho' :roll:
  5. pm-hacker

    Mizuno's New TS+ Driver

    U :finger: er!! Don't be a dumb :poop: and even think about spending more :money: . You're hitting your drives as good as I've seen in 3 1/2 years with the X-Drive 405. Although, no offense Chris.....sweet looking Mizuno driver. Just helping a buddy avoiding being stupid at the moment. :roll: Otherwise, I gotta give him a :blackeye:
  6. pm-hacker

    Natalie Gulbis' Putter

    Maybe Chris should hook her up with a :gauge: putter :cool:
  7. pm-hacker

    This is the new 05 Gauge Japan Mega!

    I was thinking Red X too....but this one looks a whole lot better and if the grooves and milling work like the one on the Balde, that's going to be a spectacular putter. Bull, Just Imagine all of the putters have the same feel as the Balde. Same face marks same steel, same soft sensation. Everything from the Forged CNC series is consistant. Chris...STOP...you're killing me! :wink: I swear since I got the Balde...I'm convinced! Gauge JAPAN makes one heck of a putter. But I don't want them to be like my Porsche ..aka...black hole in the wallet sucking out all my money! :smile2: C'mon, you're a putter ho' and you know it. :whistle: You're already on the "dark side"...go ahead spend the :money: and get another :gauge: . You know ur a sicko :roll:
  8. pm-hacker


    I'm here on Oahu, pitbull808 & I play every Tuesday mornings....usually @Koolau GC :laugh:
  9. pm-hacker

    The Gauge Balde

    Dude, You need to get this putter!!! Tried pitbull808's Balde, and it is the best putter I've ever felt by far. :surprize: If I hadn't ordered a custom putter a few weeks ago...the Balde would definitely be in my bag by now!!! Got one coming as of a couple days ago :laugh: You're gonna :love: it!!! It will be :money: well spent....enjoy :smile2:
  10. pm-hacker

    pm-hacker's bag

    You can get Odie at Sports Authority or d**ks Sporting Goods. Retails for approx. $18.95 USD and it fits easily on my dad's Cobra 427 driver.
  11. pm-hacker

    pm-hacker's bag

    The 54* Vokey has a tour grind on the heel & toe, machine cut square grooves and ported. This wedge is not tour as it was purchased from Ron @Nomad Golf. As for getting back to the "right" side for putting, it may happen in the near future if my contact finds my lefty napa.
  12. pm-hacker

    pm-hacker's bag

    You are seeing right, I putt RH due to the lack of selection for us lefties. Ive been putting RH for several years now.
  13. pm-hacker

    pm-hacker's bag

    Here's my set up for now...waiting for the new driver :whistle: 983k Fuji Tour Spec 757x TM V-Steel 15* Purple Ice 85x Callaway X-Tours w/x-100 52*, 54* 58* Vokeys Slighter Tacoma-RH Callaway HX Tour
  14. pm-hacker

    Lefty Putter

    There aren't too many selections that us lefties can choose from. That's the main reason why I've switched to putting to RH several years ago. If Odyssey comes out with a PM putter (which is highly doubtful as told to by several reliable insiders), I may make the switch back to Lefty.
  15. pm-hacker

    Gauge Japan " The Balde " w/ PICS

    I can definitely see myself buying one in the near future. :money: