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  1. sly_sam

    Let's talk grips

    Full or half chord, it really doesn't matter too much. I'm currently using half chords (Golf Pride Multi Compound).
  2. Just to clarify for all of you in case there might be some confusion as to what your looking at, the fist pic is the face, the second pic is the bottom of the sole, and the third pic is side veiw. I think Callaway caught on to the idea that alot of people don't like looking down at a scooped out crown, so the saved weight the other way. Scooping out the sole was a great idea on their part, and it this ends up being close to something we'll see as a finished product, it's definately going to be a nice looking driver.
  3. It's the new power ball from Nike Golf. If any of you have tried this one out, please feel free to post a reveiw. Any comments go here.
  4. I'd just like to show you guys this one because I'm sure it'll interest you and also plant the seeds of expectation in your brains. You can see some of the early design sketches. It appears that Callaway, like Nike is with the Sumo Square driver, is increasing the MOI value by utilizing a similar square shaping. Also, if you look at the sole design, that's also a very unique look. Hopefully more info soon.
  5. sly_sam

    Nike Sumo Driver

    Thanks for the pics you guys, that's just what this post needed. :tsg_smilie_cool:
  6. Check out the newest addition to the Nike putter family. 4 versions available.
  7. Acting as a couterpart to the Nike CCI, the forged version is like many other forged versions of irons offered up by companies to please the mid to low handicap range. Thin topline, small profile and soft feel are all the features, along side the new CCI technology.
  8. I'm looking out for some colour pics of it. If anyone has any more pics of the new protos please post em' up!
  9. Check out these pics from the USGA's list of legalized drivers. It appears we now have something new to talk about :tsg_smilie_whistle: . This new driver looks much like the recent fairway wood they've released. Three models, three different sizes I believe. This may or may not be the finished product but either way we have some pics to gaze at, amazed at how quickly manufactures are coming with new products these days. Enjoy the pics!
  10. I personally don't care who wins, as long as it's close. I hate it when the competition is extremely one-sided because there's no drama in someone winning a tournement before it's even close to being finished. If it comes down to the wire, that's all I ask.
  11. A few of you may have heard about this driver coming out, for others here it may be news to you. There's been talk of it across the forums, I'm currently in the process of digging up some more info and pics for this new driver.
  12. New cavity irons from Nike Golf. Pictures below.
  13. Check out this new Hybrid on Tour from Callaway. Looks like a new, different sole design from what we've seen on other Callaway hybrids.
  14. Some good looking pics for you guys to check out as well as comparison pics between the new and old X Tour sets. Pics of the Proto from all angles. Comparisons to the current X Tour irons.
  15. sly_sam

    alpha_pro's bag!!

    Your in the right forum site for that bag, awsome import gear!