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  1. sly_sam

    Let's talk grips

    Full or half chord, it really doesn't matter too much. I'm currently using half chords (Golf Pride Multi Compound).
  2. sly_sam

    alpha_pro's bag!!

    Your in the right forum site for that bag, awsome import gear!
  3. sly_sam

    Rolla's New Bag

    I can never get over how great the V shaped score lines look on the Bridgestone J33 460.
  4. sly_sam

    3 New Irons by Taylormade!

    Those new r7 sets look really nice, and as always with TaylorMade, the look super tech.
  5. sly_sam

    Tiger and the 2-Iron "Stinger"

    According to Tiger himself from a Golf Digest "Pet Shots" article he doesn't even call it a "Stigner". In fact he says he has no idea where that name actually came from. But to hit it, it's pretty simple in technique. He says you take a normal swing in terms of length and speed. The only change comes at impact. He says you have to feel as though the emblem on your golve is pointing into the ground. This will take alot of loft off your club and you'll hit it low and through the wind.
  6. sly_sam

    Fish's bag and alterntes...

    Nice set. Where do you get the awsome Family Guy headcovers?
  7. sly_sam

    Tourspecgolfers 07/18/2006 Bag Setup

    Amazing! :tsg_smilie_cool: I saw it earlier today on Wrx, I'd have to say it's one of the best sets I've seen. Though to someone who doesn't know import they won't know how good this set actually is.
  8. I need a new sand wedge and Scratch is #1 on my list right now. I've seen such nice custom wedges that people have been showing off here in the past that it makes me want to have that much customization in my wedges. I really am looking forward to getting one of these in the future.
  9. Two choices for you: 1) You pull the Blue, or install a new Blue, for your SQ. or 2) You pick up a Grafalloy Bimatrx Proto. Very low spinning shaft. Besides that, you should also do some more research of diffirent companies who make shafts like this, that have what you're looking for.
  10. sly_sam

    stanfords bag

    Though the pics are visible, they're awfully dark and a strain to see. I'd consider getting some that have a little more light so we can make out what you have in you bag a little better.
  11. Chances are it probably is actually spider. I love having good sushi every once an a while, they can get some pretty different things in there, thigs that you may not have thought of eating before, but they make it taste so good, you almost forget the strange creatures you're actually eating. If you ate it the first time and enjoyed it, spider included, how does knowing that it HAS spider stop you from eating it like that again. Insects are a common snack around the world, and for the most part just taste like any other protien (if they're prepared properly). If not actual spider, than it's probably Spider Crab.
  12. sly_sam

    interlock or overlap?

    If all else fails, you can try the goofiest grip on Tour. Jim Furyk and the double-overlap.
  13. sly_sam

    Srixon W-606 and I-606 Irons

    As Chris mentioned, those irons there are special stamped and such for Hoshino. The colour sceme and the stamping may be different when these irons come out for retail. IMO, the driver looks very nice, hopefully the look doesn't change too much when they eventually bring it out.
  14. sly_sam

    Srixon W-606 and I-606 Irons

    Want a closer look at both of these Next Gen products from Srixon. Here's some up close looks. As you'd expect, they're already in the JPGA bags. This from Hidemasa Hoshino.
  15. sly_sam

    Any advice on curing putting yips?

    I had problems with the conventional grip. I had absolutely no feel with it because I was so focused on getting it back and through with out messing it up, that the distance of the putt was almost forgotten. In the end, switching to cross-handed was the best thing I ever did for my game. I went from a decent putter, but very streaky, to being a solid putter all the time. My putting never lets me down now, and people sometimes wonder about what I'm doing, think it's weird, although when I'm one-putting everything they start to catch on to why I do it the way I do.