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  1. So does anyone know what finishes the wedges will come in yet? They look pretty sweet... :cool:
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    My parents currently live in China, I visit them every now and then, but might go more often now that Dad stumbled across this course near where we live in Hunan Provence, its in central China for all those who don' t know. There are a couple of images of Changsha Golf Course, but I can post them properly, it is in a very hilly part of China and Dad said that he had a lot of trouble because aparently a few of the holes are along mountain ridges, which means if you don't drive dead straight chances are you loose a ball, which he did a few times :sad:. The course is in awesome knick given that it is only a copule of years old and in a couple more when the trees have matured it will be fantastic. One of the other good things is that there are hardly any expats in this area of China yet and the Chinese haven't embraced golf much yet either so the course is not busy at all. Anyone who has played golf in China, could you suggest a few other courses to play. I have played a couple of the Mission Hills courses aswell :money: lucky they are pretty cool.
  3. I was just wondering if anyone here had upgraded from a Japanese R320 Tour to an R7 TP? I am not sure about the face angle for my R320 Tour and am a bit concerned that if I play with the R7 TP and its square face my power fade might turn into a slice. I currently got an offer from one of my local pros who is selling his R7 TP for a bargain. Both have same shafts (Fuji 757) and I feel like I need an upgrade to a deeper faced driver.
  4. Thanks for the link, I know I wouldn't have found it. Pity my Japanese isn't what is used to be. Oh my god.... those rescue dual TPs look awesome, I am definitley going to get one of those once there here in Aus, or before, if I can get my hands on one. The R7 FW looks like a good replacement for my V-Steel aswell. Its good to see that all the TLC cartriges are interchangeable, means I will have a heap with my R7 TP aswell but gives you heaps of options if you are the sort of player who likes to tinker.