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  1. Have none of you guys in the US hit the R7 460 yet? Here in Australia my TM rep came in the other day with the whole kit of new stuff... R7 460, R7 Steel and Ti FW, RAC TP Blades and the new Mezza Monza (Black with AGSI). I would really wait a month until the R7 460 comes out and try that cause it set up really pure for me and while I was only hitting it in the nets we did have the launch monitor pumping out some great figures. Looks a lot better at address than the R5 in my opinion and seems to perform a bit better aswell. I reckon the R7 460 TP will be a rocking club, but that is a bit further off.
  2. I am in the same boat as you. I am going to go with one of Cleveland Comp, G5, 905R and R7 460. They all have 10.5 heads that are pretty square, the 905R in particular and even though the R7 is supposed to be closed the model we were given looked awesome at address. I have hit the lot and the R7 looks like the goods for me, it certainly was giving me great figures on our launch monitor last week and looks like the one for this season. I'd just go down to your pro shop or driving range and give these a go... some of my mates really like the FT3 aswell but I just don't like Callaway gear but you should check that out too.
  3. The only other option I would check out is GripMaster. Our rep came in the other day with some awesome colours... the green was good and the orange was awesome. The fact that the grips rock helps too :tsg_smilie_cool: The coloured grips are all synthetic though not leather just so you know. As for price... I was not sure what they were in the states but after a quick look at the site the should be under $10 a grip which sounds pretty awesome to me... I'd get it done for sure!
  4. Just to let people know that the new spin milled vokeys will be in Oil Can not Black Nickel as I hoped. My rep says that they will be released between March and May so that gives you a bit of time to save up. Other than that he just said more stuff about the 905R which everyone knows about, the new hybrid which will be more wood like and the 775 (or 755, can't remember) irons which look to me like something in between 704s and 804s but they are a little progressive with the soles getting thicker in the longer irons. He also said that the 704s and 804s are getting phased out so I reckon there must be another iron on the way.... All in all it looks to me like Titileist is trying to get a few more mid/higher handicappers playing their gear.
  5. Is anyone able to give me a hand? I really want to know if I am getting the real deal!!
  6. I have a guy who has a set of Y Cutters but I want to ask you guys a few details. He has 48, 54 and 60 and I wasn't aware that they came in 48 degrees. Also on the 60 and 48 the arrow in the RAC logo on the back is gold, is this special aswell? Finally he says that they are not Chrome or Satin but something inbetween, does such a finish exist? I thought I knew a fair bit about this stuff but I just want to check before I buy. Cheers, Tim
  7. Thanks for the help peoples.... I have decided to go with the Diamana 83 in S flex, I swing ~100MPH and this shaft was the one that the local TM guys were able to instal quickest, the golf season is just getting going as the weather improves here in Melbourne, Aus and I wanted to get out there ASAP
  8. I just came back from a trip to Queensland, nice place :cool: but on the way back the airline managed to snap the 757 (Stiff flex) on my R7 TP :blackeye: Now I get to choose any shaft to replace it and was wondering what suggestions people had. I was thinking of going the Diamana 73 because as I understand it it is a little less stiff and lighter than the 757, what do you people think? Any other suggestions? Look forward to the feedback, Tim
  9. Those irons look awesome... where did you get them done?
  10. So does anyone know what finishes the wedges will come in yet? They look pretty sweet... :cool:
  11. I know that they were once a simple piece of wood but now tee technology is coming into line with the rest of our equipment. I was thinking of getting some of those stinger tees that have a smaller head, has anyone used them, what did you think? Feel free to discuss other types of tee that you have used, I tried out some brush ones for a while but didn't like the fact that the height was predetermined and they didn't last as long as I had expected.
  12. I just wanted to have a look at the thing..... what I can't believe is that Taylor Made try to sell new ones for $6. As for the weights, a mate of mine asked his TM rep and got the whole TP set, nothing compared to the $180 that they'll charge you if you look at the TM site.
  13. I have just bought a R7 TP.... it plays pretty sweet but did not come with an instuction manual. I was wondering if someone with a scaner could email me a copy just so I make sure I'm not missing out on anything, plus I'd like to have a first hand look at some Taylor Made propaganda.
  14. Deluxe


    My parents currently live in China, I visit them every now and then, but might go more often now that Dad stumbled across this course near where we live in Hunan Provence, its in central China for all those who don' t know. There are a couple of images of Changsha Golf Course, but I can post them properly, it is in a very hilly part of China and Dad said that he had a lot of trouble because aparently a few of the holes are along mountain ridges, which means if you don't drive dead straight chances are you loose a ball, which he did a few times :sad:. The course is in awesome knick given that it is only a copule of years old and in a couple more when the trees have matured it will be fantastic. One of the other good things is that there are hardly any expats in this area of China yet and the Chinese haven't embraced golf much yet either so the course is not busy at all. Anyone who has played golf in China, could you suggest a few other courses to play. I have played a couple of the Mission Hills courses aswell :money: lucky they are pretty cool.
  15. I was just wondering if anyone here had upgraded from a Japanese R320 Tour to an R7 TP? I am not sure about the face angle for my R320 Tour and am a bit concerned that if I play with the R7 TP and its square face my power fade might turn into a slice. I currently got an offer from one of my local pros who is selling his R7 TP for a bargain. Both have same shafts (Fuji 757) and I feel like I need an upgrade to a deeper faced driver.