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  1. Thanks for the support guys. Just an update that the board is up and running and everything has been secured to the latest updates and the server scanned. No further vulnerabilites or viruses were found.
  2. The RJB/Mizuno deal looks good. I am not sure if Miz will distribute putters in Japan. Any word on that Chris? I agree that the Hogan retail offerings did not go well. He was not publicized well and they forced him into a $100 price point putter. As for Japan distribution, I thought that is being left to Crews and was one of the main reasons he went with Miz over Bridgestone. Also, there are a few Miz staffers that know RJB from their Northwestern days.
  3. I hear this will not come to retail in the US.
  4. What is this??? Looks like a modified Red X?
  5. Not this one. This one is from Bob(OBAGAIN). Its got so many designations, I'm not sure if its the grind or something else...
  6. We had a Chat with TM yesterday and Jason, from TM, was very vague about even something being named V-steel coming out next year in the US market. I think this will be only Japan/Europe.
  7. The PGA Tour is in Greensboro, NC this week for the Chrysler Classic of Greensboro as the 2005 season heads towards the finish line. Fujikura has all but signed on the dotted line for its 5th consecutive title as #1 Driver Shaft and #1 Wood Shaft Brand on the PGA Tour. Last week’s Valero Texas Open saw 34 players with Fujikura shafts in their drivers and this week’s event in Greensboro saw Fujikura as the #1 Wood Shaft Brand and the #1 Driver Shaft with 33 driver shafts in play. With more and more money available each week on tour, the importance of consistent equipment rises dramatically. On one side you have a guy playing for a winner’s check in excess of one million dollars, on the other side you have the guy standing over a shot that means breaking into the top 125 on the money list and securing a card for 2006 – something that can often be a whole lot more pressure filled than any particular check. Either way, for the last four years Fujikura has given the best players in the world the consistency they need and the peace of mind that comes with it to feel comfortable over the most important shots of their careers.
  8. Hey guys, Check out what one of our members got a pic of from the President's cup. Looks like Phil's got a new wedge...
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