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  1. Driver seems to be in his head -- he can't hit the big stick consistently but then I saw him push/block a 5wd tee shot to on Friday. Several people think he almost lunges after the driver and dips like heck with that club in comparison to his use of the 3 wood. On Friday, I saw him start the club to the outside when he needed a draw. Some have suggested that his tempo is so quick and speed so high that he needs to be slightly steeper at the top of the swing - that the slightly laid-off swing that Haney prefers is not suited to him with a driver because of his mindset with a driver -- which seems to be -- "swing like a bat outta hell."
  2. Why not the 501s all the way for an integrated set? That is more similar to the MP-52 in terms of forgiveness with the notch -- and the 501s are pure cb's from 7-PW.
  3. 45, 50, 56, 60 The PW is a full swing club as is the 50. I use the 60 for most shots around the green, low or high, when I have a tight spot as the target. The 56 is used when I want to make sure I keep it low or want some roll out. Basically, the 56 and 60 are my 2 options around the greens.
  4. I think you'll get answers all over the place. The TW may work but it is low kick and I think it is better suited as a fairway. I don't know about the AXIVs. They get good play here. The MW54 is an option, or if you buy here, the MW64 (not avalable in the US)is more of a mid kick shaft. I've played the MW54 for over a year and just put it in my SQ 9.5 (My SS is 100-102 but I am more of smooth transition and medium load) The MW54 kicks in well, the tip resists but gives a little to make the feel smooth. You just need to tip it correctly for your swing, Another option to consider with a quick or fast tempo is the Rombax 5W - it is stiffer at the tip and butt than the MW - launches well (at least the 6W I tried launched high), with little spin but felt like a telephone pole to me because of my mid to slow tempo. good luck
  5. I think the difference is that the softstepped x will feel a bit firmer since it originated as an x flex. BTW, I have the 1150s in my CB-301s and wedges - I find them very accurate and smooth. Definitely very accurate in the wedges - like hitting lasers.
  6. I've had more time with the 301s - wow - very soft and they glide through the turf well. The 1150 with some Winn G8 (red/black) grips are very nice - also have CB #1 weights in the grip. Very different from the 201s - which have a firmer, more dense feel
  7. I need a couple of more sessions with the 1150s - but they seem to give ideal trajectory with the 301s. I am playing Z-Z65 softstepped once in the Pings - Ball flight was high yet penetrating. A bit more difficult to deal with in the wind but just need to move down a club or two and make solid contact.
  8. No, just played them off tight lies only. Not much rain in N. Texas. I'd imagine that you still need a shallow swing to make these work in the slop - after all, the soles are still fairly narrow. But we'll see - just took them out for a test drive after 7 months of Ping i5s. My arms still haven't adjusted to the reduced offset - the wrists are still lazy from the Pings.
  9. Just to bump this - Miura has updated its website for the new 301 irons. I just took delivery of a set last week with the Nippon 1150 installed. It is a very attractive iron with a great transition through the set with the heads. What was surprising was the softer feel of the 301s over the 201s. While the 201s, to me, were dense, solid and soft, the 301s are more Mizuno-like. They have a buttery soft feel. They no longer have that dense feeling which took away the soft feel. For some of you, that was an issue. The 301s, with the added forgiveness, better transition in the heads and softer feel, are worth serious consideration.
  10. The new Mizuno F50 woods have received good reviews. I've used a Sonartec SS-07 head and am currently using a Supernova 3 wood. Both offer great feel. Callaway also has the X and XTour Fairways - when Cally introduces a new FW, it's worth a look. I think another key to the 3 wood is the shaft - I wouldn't necessarily get the same shaft as the driver. For me, I want the ball to elevate off the deck with a 3 wood and look for a lower kickpoint. With the driver, I can take a midkick point shaft.
  11. The 1150 just has a stiffer tip - I also think it has more energy. I don't have a high ss, my preferred flex is somewhere between a Rifle 5.5 and S300. You won't have a problem with the 1150 Stiff. I have a Miura Gap Wedge in an 1150 Stiff. One of my favorite clubs and have now ordered clubs with the 1150 stiff. I think it plays between a 5.5 and 5.7 on a Rifle Scale. So it may be a tad softer than what you're accustomed to (the S300).
  12. SO, you're not going to try the MC-101? - they have a wider sole and are more forgiving. Not bad looking at the topline either. Nice cavity
  13. Looking at old posts there were questions about why Miuras feel a bit firmer than other mild steel forgings - here is an explanation from the US Website: Miura also uses a proprietary "spin welding" process to produce the industries' most consistent hosel. This unique procedure ensures that the bore depths and hosel heights are identical on every Miura made head and the shaft of every club will be perfectly centered. When I purchased my 201s, I wondered why they felt firmer than my MP-33s. I think the above is an explanation. It took about a month to appreciate the difference but I would say while Mizus feel buttery and sweet, the Miura feels more dense and solid, yet very sweet when hit. I was wondering, plus one, as to the forgiveness on the 301s. I was disappointed that the sole towards the heel was not wider. I didn't need forgiveness in the offset or the movement of weight towards the center. I would have likes a wider sole for softer conditions. I know my 201s played well in firm conditions but in the slop - there is no sliding through the muck with a slightly steep swing. Luckily, I am becoming less steep and more shallow - just think these clubs are made for a shallow swing.
  14. Did you try an 1150 Softstepped? I'm using it in my Scratch 59 to see how it goes - very nice so far.
  15. I don't see any visual difference on the ball. EDIT: The word "Platinum" is in BLACK. As to a better ball, I wouldn't put it that way. Both B-Stone and Nike make fine balls. It comes down to how one ball performs for your swing under your conditions.