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  1. Yamaha black are best all-round wedges ever made imho. Made at a time ~2008 where everything they made was perfect.

    I have tried just about everything and I just wish they (or someone?) would make these again. They rust. They are soft, but they are also very durable. Have no idea how they did that.

    *****Q? What's the closest thing on the market to these today?******


  2. Jbeam 425 tour is as good as it gets if you are really swinging well. What a pretty and workable driver.

    Yamaha V 4.6 rpm still holds its own against anything and wins on feel over all else for me.

    Playing G400/Crazy boron sx now and finding plenty of fairways, but the above 2 would be just fine for me honestly!

  3. Good topic.

    I am 50 this year. Was playing PRGR M43 irons for last few years and going fine, but was always a bit balloony in the wind. This year shifted to Project X LZ 6.5 (125g) 4-pw and scores have been noticeably better.

    The shaft is heavier but loads and kicks. Bit less spin. Certainly doesn't feel like a 6.5 flex.

    Now this has made me go "all heavier" - 70g driver, 76g 2w (Baldo Brassy), 105g 19* hybrid, 125g wedges (ATTAS 125 Spin)

    Maybe this will do me until 60!!!!




  4. Hi all, I've had my fun with these. Both are in excellent condition with original head covers.

    Clearly I am a bit out of touch with the market these days - drop again.

    All prices USD

    1. Astro Tour VIII 10* 197g - SOLD

    2. Ryoma VSpec 10.5* 196g - OFF Market - KEEPING


    These are both great heads with fantastic reviews here on TSG. My G400/Crazy Boron just can't be beat so these have been gathering dust














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