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  1. PiC's! of the Miura Custom Finish MB5003

    How durable will the black finish be on these great looking Miura Giken heads ? I'm thinking of getting a set of these or the upcoming Epon AF-Tour blades
  2. Epon Blades

    Great, Chris. Can I order a combo set - now that the blades are coming. Have been waiting for 6+ months on these Epon MB blades - being ready to order a set from you Chris. I think I might go - AF-301 5-6-7 and AF-101 MB 8-9-PW -all done with KBS Tour Taper shafts Finally I will get my set of Epon's - will order the combo set in golden satin nickel dull finish Based on the pics I've seen (can't post link to this - but do a search on Google and know a guy who can translate Japanese, and you will find the pics) - it really looks like a smooth blade-MB with some High tech built into the backside of the head, but still done in a way that makes it beautiful to have in your bag and awesome to strike the ball with I once was hooked on Miura & Mizuno, but I think Epon MB's will change that now
  3. In Hand Images of the Miura Giken Japan CB 2006 Irons

    Must admit, that I don't like this messy cavity design with all those letters. Looks far from the Miura US simplistic beautiful design I once was, and still am a bit, a Miura fan - but they really messed this one up. It really has to perfrom miles better than offers from Mizuno, Epon, Tourstage, Srixon, Titleist, Taylor Made, Ping etc. to get into my bag - this coming from a proud used to be owner of 3 sets of Miura clubs
  4. New Como Covers

    I like the green peas black head cover and the Amigo! Black headcover - and also the brand new black/white goldfish putter headcover. I'm disappointed over the new headcovers for woods and drivers - only striped and not wool quality but acrylic :( I hope Como Come will come up with something better soon though !
  5. When Can We start Ordering?

    Are they quad forged or double forged ?
  6. Only problem is, that the slope edition of the 1500 Pinseeker is illegal - both in tournaments but also where range finders are allowed during practice rounds. You can't even have it in your bag and report a score - so I would avoid it just as much as I would avoid bringing 15 clubs along on a round.
  7. Nothing beats the Pinseeker 1500 Tournament edition (without slope) - but it's heavy and quite bulky. Check out the new Callaway Nikon made models also - the Pinseeker 1500 in my view is better at quicker finding the flag and distance to the flag than the Callaway Nikon's are - but both are great products. The Callaway nikon in my view looks clearly better and comes in a nice designed case. But for pure performance - NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING beats the Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 Tournament edition.......NOTHING ! The Bushnell Tour V2 works like a charm from 200 yards and in, but if you want a 3 wood distance to the green/pin - the Tour V2 gets into trouble, if you hit your 3 wood 240 yards, like I do The greater magnification of the Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 lets you find a precise distance to the flag - even from 300 yards, if you're that precise with your driver
  8. I've read Todays Golfer for years and I've completely stopped buying this magazine, because I more often than not find a lot of faults and misses in their pop reviews and 9 out of 10 times I find, that I know golf gear better than all the club testers at Todays Golfer. Sorry to put it this way, but: Today's Golfer is more of a golf porn magazine, than a serious golf magazine - it simply sucks, because it never makes in depth reviews of anything- and when they make reviews, the reviews are full of flaws and faults. Stay away from this very poorly made UK Golf magazine. Unfortunately I can't really say that Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and our danish golf magazines are much better. This is the reason why I haven't bought a Golf magazine in more than 2 years now. Their reviews suck, are lacking in detail and they never test with anything other than stock shafts. I can't speak of how good the Japanese golf magazines are, because I still don't read Japanese But basically ALL American, UK and European golf magazines sucks to put it mildly. Full of errors and lacks in depth reviews of any kind.
  9. 2008 Epon 208KGX Wedge w/PICS!

    HOLY CRAP - these wedges looks great even though they look like GI wedges. I don't know how they can make a wedge with a busy cavity like that, look so freaking great....oh myyyyyy What is the finish called in the first pic - it looks stunning - will it rust over time ?
  10. 2008 Miura MB-5003 w/PICS!!!

    I'm also looking forward to the comparison pics between Mp-67, TM 1000 and the 5003 Miura's. I know it takes time to do these pics, so they look great - but I'm sure Chris will post, as soon as he has the pics ready for us As far as the guys wanting these in satin finish - I do think they already are in satin finish. maybe the pics makes them look a bit shiny, but to my knowledge these are in satin finish already. I agree that the stamping look a little on the busy side..........but if they play that great, I can live with it.
  11. The New Mizuno A25 line

    Maybe these lofts has to do with the fact, that high cappers have a slow swing speed and in fact will get more distance out of a 17° 3 wood, than a 15° 3 wood. The high cappers still would like to tell their playing partners, that they have a 3 wood in the bag, so this is how you hide the fact, that you really only carry a high lofted driver, a 5 wood and up from there.
  12. Sorry, I would like to add the Cobra irons to the poll, but the limit for poll choices unfortunately is 20, so I can't add the new lovely looking Cobra irons to the poll
  13. 2008 Miura MB-5003 w/PICS!!!

    Hello Rangship Can you tell me something about the leading edge on the MB5003 - is it round or does it dig more than your old mp-32 did ? I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new Year, Rangship
  14. What size are the bumpers in the new pics - is a newport 1 or newport 2 bumper size or just in between the two ? I prefer the more flat bumpers, like on the Newport 2/Bettinardi BB8....
  15. 2008 Miura MB-5003 w/PICS!!!

    I agree, I like to challenge myself. I think my handicap has actually been lowered some because I hit my shots with demanding players golf gear. People who don't like this challenge won't benefit from playing this kind of golf gear - different strokes for different folks, I guess If I played in tournaments as a pro golfer, I would play with more forgiving golf gear, but I don't - so I play with what I want and what I feel looks nice to my eye I don't give a hoot about what people say to me about my golf gear - I paid for it, they didn't When I hit GIR after GIR with my players golf gear, they all of a sudden keep quiet.......how can that be