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    Driver: XXX with Messenger Shaft FW: Akira M215, M218 and M221, Talamonti 80g R flex 5-PW: 2014 Yamaha Inpres Tour Cavity Back w/ Quadra Fire Express DGL 90 shafts Wedges: Miura MB5000WC 51* and 57* Putter: Odyssey #9 Versa Ball - Titleist NXT-S Yellow (yes yellow) Bag - Sun Mountain MPB

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  1. bogeydog

    Epon AF-301 **SOLD***

    Still available. PRICE DROP!
  2. bogeydog

    Epon AF-301 **SOLD***

    Shipping to Australia is $97.50 with insurance by USPS.
  3. bogeydog

    Epon AF-301 **SOLD***

    They play really. Surprisingly they have a nice mid flight with no ballooning. The shafts are really that good.
  4. bogeydog

    Epon AF-301 **SOLD***

    Guys, Some of the new guys may not know how much these are beloved......
  5. bogeydog


    This is a set of likely one of the best mid handicap irons you can get. Here is the blog link from TSG. http://www.tourspecgolf.com/nippon-ns-mouds3-system3-tour-125-steel-single-shaft This set was bought new from TSG and built by OnOff. Shafts are S flex soft stepped 1x, standard length, 1 degree flat. OnOff grips. Great condition, probably played 25 times maybe. No real wear or issues. Sell $525 shipped in conusa. International by quote.
  6. bogeydog

    Epon AF-301 **SOLD***

    This is a 9.5 /10 set of the iconic Epon AF-301. This was really the iron that started the frenzy about Epon irons. These are in near perfect shape with only the light marks you need to see at an angle in the light. I doubt they have been played 20 times. Shafts were installed by Tourspecgolf in Japan. The shafts are the hard to get 105 stiff soft stepped 1x. D2ish swing weight, standard length. Shafts are $770 on TSG. Grips are XROZ which retail for $20 each. TSG recommends these grips. Shafts - http://www.tourspecgolf.com/mitsubishi-rayon-ot-iron-shaft Grips - http://www.tourspecgolf.com/romaro-xroz-grip Sell $975 NOW $930 shipped in conusa. International by quote only. NO TRADES.
  7. Great prices. For those that don"t know, the Yamaha 4.6v is AWESOME. I have been saying this since release. I still play mine as my primary driver.
  8. bogeydog

    2008 Yamaha Inpres XV TOURMODEL Irons

    Bogeydog, any chance you would sell heads only and post to Australia? Shafts will be too short for me and will save on postage. Cheers J Sure. Shafts are not worth anything to me, but we can work something. PM me.
  9. bogeydog

    2008 Yamaha Inpres XV TOURMODEL Irons

    Still available
  10. bogeydog

    2008 Yamaha Inpres XV TOURMODEL Irons

    Some must buy these.
  11. bogeydog

    2008 Yamaha Inpres XV TOURMODEL Irons

    No sorry. Only 5-PW
  12. bogeydog

    2008 Yamaha Inpres XV TOURMODEL Irons

    Still available.... Offers?
  13. Ok guys, this is one of the most iconic and talked about irons Tha Yamaha made. For those earlier members of TSG, I think these started the success of Yamaha irons. I had a set of these which Chris bought from me way back in 2010 or so. He wanted them for his collection. They were limited to 1000 sets and sold out quickly. I have had each years tour edition from 2008 to 2013. I still regard these as the best. This set has seen some use. There is bag chatter, but really no huge dings or dents as you would expect. Perfect for playing, a real candidate for someone wanting to refinish. Have stock s200 shafts and grips. If you like rare, incredible equipment you will have a blast with these. I doubt there are more than 5 sets stateside if that. $450.
  14. bogeydog

    WTB blade irons set or head only

    Pm me about these irons. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1456821491.400435.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1456821501.020899.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk