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    J-Beam Glorious Second Driver; Crazy CRZ 3, 5; OnOff Kuro Forged/2016 Titleist VG3, Crazy & Bold Wedges, Cameron 009/1.5Cameron Circa III or IV

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  1. dkats

    JBeam Fairways

    Hi. I ordered it with a square face angle and it looks square to me.
  2. dkats

    JBeam Fairways

    Still available
  3. dkats

    PRGR iD RS02 Driver

    Another price drop.
  4. dkats

    JBeam Fairways

    Prices reduced.
  5. dkats

    PRGR iD RS02 Driver

    Price drop.
  6. JBeam Glorious Driver, 11", s-flex, square face angle, D2. Sold
  7. dkats

    JBeam Fairways

    JBeam Rx-Fw 4 wood with Crazy FW80 LaBomba shaft in 6.9 flex. 17.5*, 42.75", D2. Mint condition. $300 shipped CONUS. JBeam Glorious 16* and 19* with TRPX Messenger FW shafts. SR flex. Excellent condition. $250 each 16* - 43", D2 19* -42", D2
  8. dkats

    PRGR iD RS02 Driver

    Mint condition PRGR iD Nabla RS 02 Driver, 10.5*, M43 shaft. $250 shipped conus. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/prgr-2015-id-nabla-rs-01-driver/
  9. dkats

    Great 3 and 5 wood combo

    Another vote for the Crazy full Ti. Worth every penny.
  10. dkats

    Got Reviews on the JBeam TF-UT

    The TF-UT is great. Very forgiving. Mid-trajectory but can be controlled to hit high or low. Fairly low spin. Played them for a bit but got beat out by the Titleist VG3 4 iron and the CRZ 5 wood which are incredible.
  11. dkats

    More Pics of the 2016 Titleist VG3 Forged Irons

    Been playing these all summer. My first set of VG3s. Man have I been missing out. Previously played the OnOff Kuro Forged. These are much more forgiving while giving a similar profile at address. Very solid feeling as well. So forgiving I may have to order the 4 iron and get rid of a hybrid.
  12. dkats

    Crazy's New 9-Series Shafts "PT"

    Any feedback on this shaft?
  13. I've had the 5 wood for a while now and absolutely love it! Shallow-ish face gives good confidence off the deck. Ball gets up easily without a ton of spin so no ballooning. Very forgiving. May have to get the 3 wood.
  14. These look great. Is the face depth similar to the jBeam Glorious fairway wood? How does the size compare to the Glorious?
  15. dkats

    2015 PRGR iD Nabla Tour Series

    Any updates on these???