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    J-Beam Glorious Second Driver; Crazy CRZ 3, 5; OnOff Kuro Forged/2016 Titleist VG3, Crazy & Bold Wedges, Cameron 009/1.5Cameron Circa III or IV

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  1. Hi. I ordered it with a square face angle and it looks square to me.
  2. JBeam Glorious Driver, 11", s-flex, square face angle, D2. Sold
  3. JBeam Rx-Fw 4 wood with Crazy FW80 LaBomba shaft in 6.9 flex. 17.5*, 42.75", D2. Mint condition. $300 shipped CONUS. JBeam Glorious 16* and 19* with TRPX Messenger FW shafts. SR flex. Excellent condition. $250 each 16* - 43", D2 19* -42", D2
  4. Mint condition PRGR iD Nabla RS 02 Driver, 10.5*, M43 shaft. $250 shipped conus. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/prgr-2015-id-nabla-rs-01-driver/
  5. Another vote for the Crazy full Ti. Worth every penny.
  6. The TF-UT is great. Very forgiving. Mid-trajectory but can be controlled to hit high or low. Fairly low spin. Played them for a bit but got beat out by the Titleist VG3 4 iron and the CRZ 5 wood which are incredible.
  7. Been playing these all summer. My first set of VG3s. Man have I been missing out. Previously played the OnOff Kuro Forged. These are much more forgiving while giving a similar profile at address. Very solid feeling as well. So forgiving I may have to order the 4 iron and get rid of a hybrid.
  8. I've had the 5 wood for a while now and absolutely love it! Shallow-ish face gives good confidence off the deck. Ball gets up easily without a ton of spin so no ballooning. Very forgiving. May have to get the 3 wood.
  9. These look great. Is the face depth similar to the jBeam Glorious fairway wood? How does the size compare to the Glorious?
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