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  1. I'm looking for one that's unique and distinctive...however, not gregarious. Got a source? Let me know.... Thanks.
  2. I think I was here on TSG when I saw a AME style putter cover that was being sold out of Japan, a Japanese company. The styles and colors were unique, very cool. Can anyone direct me to their site. (Hopefully this is enough of a description to jog your memories.) Much apprecaition. Thanks.
  3. I'll do this now instead of the PM I was planning for Godfather this evening. I totally agree with Lightrider on this: The Maru is an unbelievable feeling, mid-low boring (370cc) club that to this day I am still disappointed that has ZERO forgiveness. Hit it well, and if you're able to get the ball up to an acceptable launch angle it just rocks. I never had the ball speed measured but it sure seemed hotter than the RX-1 and the J340. Believe me, it isn't that the thing can't bomb...it's just that if you miss it just a little YOU will suffer the consequences. The RX-1 Type 315 (about 315cc) is just a solid, solid club. I found it as long as all the other clubs of the day, right up to the 983e/R580 era. Think of the RX-1 and the Maru having the same type ball flight and characteristics as the 983e. Also, realize that compared to larger clubs it is not a forgiving...but as forgiving as any 315cc club could be. One of the differences between the RX-1 and the J340 is that the RX-1 sat a little closed or mostly square. The J340 sits mostly open. The J340 is also slightly better shaped and has a more refined feel. I found them both equal in distance. This refined feel I speak of is like the difference between gold and silver. The J340 then is the gold standard. It also lauches better and is more forgiving. The original XD-365 I'm playing doesn't quite measure up to the j340 in terms of feel but is more forgiving and a bit longer. This is why I now play it instead of the j340 sitting in my bullpen. However, overall the J340 is still my favorite. The J340 and the 365 produce about the same ball flight, the higher of the bunch, mid-high. The RX-1 could be a suitable choice for good ball strikers today, gotta produce a good lauch angle though. The Maru is a beauty queen that will ultimately break your heart. I'd love to own another one but I'd hardly play it. Hope that's what you were looking for. Let me know....
  4. I forgot about the Maru. Man! What a beautiful feeling club. I guess I didn't consider recommend the Maru because I just assumed he'd want to ACTUALLY hit playable balls with what ever he chose. :whistle:
  5. Totally agree with Chris on this. My favorite in terms of feel only: J340 x500 RX-1 Type 315 X-Drive 365 Favorites in terms of feel and performance X-Drive 365 J340 RX-1 Type 315 X500 I like Titleist clubs too...they just are a tad more harsh and definitely louder than the Tourstage mentioned.
  6. Thanks DaDriver... I was kind of hoping not to see such a good review, but somehow expected it. Do you have the Pro spec version without the rubber and screw thing or the newer version? I really would like to get the plain and classic "old" version.... Classic!!!
  7. First, it is absolutely beautiful...plays as beautiful as it looks. Sets up square and instills tons of confidence at address. Its very accurate. Most of my hits are center club face, just sometimes too high or low. Low hits produce much more spin than good hits. It plays like a neutral playing 983K, but has a wonderful feel. (The K was a little loud for me and I hated the draw bias.) Never got on a launch monitor with but I'm sure my launch is right around 13* (or so) and the ball get's up easily. I also feel that spin is right on threshold of acceptable as well...well hit balls tend to run on most drives. Before switching to the 365 I was playing the j340. Nothing feels like the J340 but I'm very happy with the 365. Okay...that was short and sweet but just wanted to give you a short overview as I was sitting here multitasking. I'm sure I just glossed over a lot of stuff you want to know. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  8. A "Color" commentator on television is a person who, usually because he has some distinction in the field in which he's commentating, is paid to give his opinions...a.k.a Johnny Miller. The rest of us are just internet forum posters. I think it's high time we cut Johnny (and the others) some slack...I respect his opinions and try not to scrutinize every word as if it has to be genius. After all, he was/is just a golfer.
  9. I don't see lead tape either...probably knocked some of the orange paint off of it slamming it down. :blackeye:
  10. His BSG add said it was untipped. If this is true I am ASTOUNDED that this is a .350 tip 660TR...I didn't know they existed. Anyone ever sand down a .350 tip? Should I try this or just sell it as a .350 shaft? Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Sorry! The tip appears to be too big. The shaft has been tipped a lot, huh? Sheez! :sad:
  12. I picked up a Fuji 660TR (pull) so that I could put it in a brand new Tourstage XDriver 365. Sweet combo, right? Now I know from ALL my experience with Tourstage drivers that they require .335 tipped shafts. I am under the assumption that ALL 660TR are TourSpec and that all TourSpec shafts are .335 tips. Am I wrong here? Okay, then why doesn't my shaft insert into my new head? What's more...I have a GD YS-6 that (if memory serves me) I pulled from one of the j340s I bought before; I've only owned Tourstage or Titleist drivers in the past 3 years so I know this shaft comes from a Tourstage. It is also .335. It doesn't fit the XD-365 either. So I find another shaft hiding in the garage, a Rifle graphite--don't know where in the hell I got that from. Anyway, it fits!!! I checked the Rifle web site and it's .335. What's going on here? Why doesn't my 660TR fit the X-Drive?
  13. gonna say that./ i saw one swing in the playoff i believe where u could get a good look at it and if u know fuji shafts u could tell it had the tourspec graphics. I saw the TourSpec graphics too....
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