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  1. Shipped to ConUS and paypaled - not looking for tradesPM with questions/offers, low ball offers ignoredHogan Apex F-T-X iron set 3-E . Soles have some wear, heads and faces look good,grips on 4-E are good, 3 iron grip is worn.5-E are shafted with the Hogan 4 (stiff) shafts and are plus 1/2" (5 is 38.5") they are soft stepped once.3&4 are shafted with Taylor made ultralite Graphite R flex shafts and are 41" and 41 1/2" *SOLD *
  2. ***SOLD**

  3. ***SOLD**

    Cannot confirm, I'm trying to find out through someone that knows. Thanks
  4. ***SOLD**

    I cannot confirm that, I am trying to find out through someone that knows.
  5. ***SOLD**

    A nice set of Callaway Prototype irons 4-PW with Project X 5.0 shafts Good used condition, 9 iron has 3 very small nicks (see pic.s) faces are clean. 8 & PW shaft band have peeled off, all shafts are original, grips are like new. Spec.s are standard Will respond to all questions - These are the 4 dot hosel SOLD shipped to ConUS
  6. FS: KZG Irons 5-pw, Satin Blades MC IIIX NOS Combo

    Shafts? flex, length. Tks. John
  7. ***SULD***Shipped to ConUS and paypaled PM with questions Will trade for a 54 degree wedge. LMK Mizuno MP-27 #3 iron with Tour Spirit WebGun Graphite shaft in SR (stiff-regular) flex at 39". Club is in very good condition, no issues as pictures show. Original grip in decent shape.. $25.00
  8. Mizuno MP 27 irons

    Thanks, I think the earlier MP's had PW's that were a little thick where the face came out from the hosel.
  9. Mizuno MP 27 irons

    Anybody have any experience with the MP 27 Mizuno irons from several years ago? Playability, feel, etc. I have run up on a set with the Tour Spirit SR (stiff/regular) shafts. I'm a long time Mizuno lover, started with the MP 5's, these will be here in 5 or so days and I'm pumped to try them. Thanks
  10. SOLD thanks TSG

  11. 52* wedge needed

    Don't know if your still looking but I have a Ikasu 52.08 in good condition, great gooves 35.25" length, red/black multi-compound grip. $65.00 shipped to ConUS and paypaled. Tks. John I'll try to post pic.s, but I can send to your email if interested.
  12. Title says it all, would like factory original Will offer very good trades for the right one. Or purchase for the right price. Tks.
  13. Who's our #1?

    30 years ago I was scratch 20 years ago I was a 2 10 years ago I was a 4 Now I'm 69 and hover around 6-8 But I'll stick by my motto, "Talk in the 60's, dress in the 70's and shoot in the 80's. BTW fore, you win.