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  1. Hi, guys, been a while, but after a year and a half of trying everything from physical therapy to surgery to heal herniated discs in my lower back, it's time for me to admit I may not get back to fully appreciate my carefully curated collection of JDM clubs... So... I'm offering up some of the best of them in hopes that they'll find a better home in someone's hands here on the Forum. As always, you can see I spared nothing in assembling these, and I assure they're in top notch condition -- in fact, barely played. Enjoy! First up, the great whites: YURURI 2010 FLATBACKS 3-P NS Pro Modus-3 Tour 105 Stiff shafts Iomic grips Literally mint, swung indoors mostly, on course one time only. Won't find a better set of these babies. $1200 free ship domestic US; over there adjusted Next up: A-GRIND R1 BLADES in Smoked Copper with Monaco shafts 5-P TT Monaco Tour Prototype shafts Wynn Excel carmel grips The original 1st gen A-Grind Ako-san blades, finished in the TSGworks shop in beautiful smoked copper. Also in perfect shape. $1200 free ship domestic US; over there adjusted Last up: MIZUNO YORO MP5 / 55 HYBRID SET 5-P 5-iron is the MP55; 6-P are MP5 Double nickel satin finish Mitsubishi OTi-85 R-flex shafts Tour Velvet grips I had this set custom built by Yoro through TSG, and my initials RLL are on the irons in subtle position as pictured (most won't even notice...). Again set is in mint condition, exquisite Yoro soft craft. $600 free ship domestic US; over there adjusted Enjoy -- Happy Holidays to All -- I miss you guys... --RL
  2. For sale is a Yururi KMP-0106, 34”, UST Frequency filtered putter shaft, Winn Excel Medallist Jumbo Putter Grip. 5 gram Backweight. No headcover. Clean, a few dings in face, but it’s brass and soft as butter so it was unavoidable, also some dings on the neck when I had the face angle slightly changed. Smoothest putter ever but I just hit my Edel better and wanna see this go to a good home! $175 obo
  3. - SOLD - Thanks TSG ! 49* shafted with NSPro 125 Length: 35 inches Iomic grips. 57* shafted with NSPro 115 Length: 35 inches. Iomic grips Terrific weapons to attack the pin with. Point and shoot high spin wedges. Condition 7.5/10.
  4. looking for yururi gekku wedges 41* or fourteen rm 21 42*. Also jokey forged 2012. Looking for 46/50 and 56. Pm me if you have any. Cheers
  5. Hi all, i'm currently using yururi raw gekku for SW and looking for another wedge.. asked admin before abut titleist cold forged vokey and he recommended seven 2016 wedges,, couldnt find both brand in my country so i not be able to test it myself :( anyone using it? any review?
  6. I had a fairly long range session earlier today. Below are my experiences. 1. Yururi Tataki wedges ​Among the wedges I've used (not many, just Mizuno MP-T4, Fourteen RM-21 and Yururi Tataki), Tataki is simply the very best. When I middle it, the feeling is unique, sensational and hard to describe but in my head it's like an egg heated to extremely high temperature and exploding. It's super soft and hot. The spin is ridiculous for conforming wedges. All balls stop dead after one or two hops. This set is just deadly within 100 yards. The raw black finish looks special. I made enough choji oil (pure mineral oil + 1% clove oil) to last a few years.. I routinely clean the Tatakis with it and they look gorgeous. 2. JBeam BM535 The shaft I use is Graphite Design AD-MJ 5s, 46-inch. BM535 head looks a bit narrower at address (top to bottom) than other drivers and definitely looks deep. For some reason, the shape just gives me immediate confidence. I hit it at the start of the session and every one was a high draw dead straight. The sound is solid but not loud. The launch is super easy and mid-high. I cannot be happier with it. 3. Romaro 455LX The shaft is stock RJ-TB stiff 46-inch. 455LX head looks wider than BM535 and clearly shallower. It launches the ball very high, not too high, but definitely higher than BM535. What really shocked me was the forgiveness for toe hit. I hit two shots clearly on the toes and to my astonishment, the balls went dead straight both times, just a tad lower and suffered negligible distance. This is the first time I've experienced this in a driver.
  7. END OF SEASON WEDGE SALE ---- ALL SOLD ----- Thanks, TSG all in excellent condition, lightly used (some only once) $250 for the whole lot Yururi, Bettinardi, and Yamaha are sold. Miura and Zodia still available. as priced below individually Yururi 2015 Gekku Okamura 52-deg - $70 [sOLD] NS Pro Modus3 105 wedge, Iomic grip sparkling clean, used just once Bettinardi 2015 High Helix Cut Bronze 58-deg - $70 [sOLD] KBS high rev 125S, Bettinardi Pure grip sparkling clean, used just once Miura 1957 Y-grind 53-deg - $60 DG Spinner, Pure grip lightly used Yamaha Inpres RMX Tour Model 52-deg - $60 [sOLD] NS Pro WV 105, Yamaha Tour Velvet grip Zodia Point Five Spec 51.5-deg, head only - $50
  8. Hi, I have yururi gekku raw and wanna remove the white marks. Tried to wipe it hard but not much effect. Will sudsy water work fine like other golf club? and for the soap, any for cleaning dish soap should be fine right? :))
  9. I bought a Yururi Tataki 58.5 degree head from Chris back in the fall, and haven't been able to use it until the past 3 weeks. I am in love with this thing. It actually measures 59.5 degrees and the feel is just soft. I use it out of the bunkers and around the greens. The grooves are spectacular; typically one or two bounces then stops. The grind is just perfect for opening it up in the rough and sliding it under the ball. I have had two hole outs from very tough short side positions where my playing partners were sure I was dead. I prefer the grind of this wedge, to the Yururi Raw Gekku wedges. If you haven't tried this one yet, you absolutely need to put it on your list. You won't be disappointed.
  10. Yururi Nantetsu putter *SOLD* with UST Mamiya Frequency Filtered shaft 35" Lamkin 3Gen grip mint condition bought here @ TSG end of last year $199 USD *SOLD* ship to cont USA only PayPal only PM me with offers
  11. Only used this head for less than 5 rounds.....bought from TSG. Great condition, usual wear on sole. $115 plus shipping. (From Australia)
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