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Found 2 results

  1. cuistot

    TSG Clubworks props

    Just got this back from https://www.tourspecgolf.com/tsg-club-works/ I couldn't be more pleased with the refinish work. This is scoochy I'd even go as far as... Gucci. I love my secondhand refinished Benock. Before and after photos below.
  2. Okay, I've had this scary beautiful putter for a few weeks now, and have used it for many rounds including a tourney. I'm a little hesitant to write about it because I really don't want to see many of them out in the world... but... In addition to being outrageously beautiful, this putter is outrageously good. Putters are as personal as sex. And probably as close to being as notoriously omnipresent in golfer talk. Boasting and humility enter the conversation quickly, and tend to stick around uncomfortably. So, at the risk of telling tales, I offer this up. This putter is beyond smooth. The balance is exquisite. It feels like it putts itself. I tend to be attracted to putters that offer something truly unique in feel. Like most here, I've been through just about everything from Scotty's to Yamada... For more than a year though, I've been captured by a putter that many kind of raise an eyebrow to -- the Ryoma P3. I still think Ryoma achieved a soft feel with the P3 unlike anything else I've ever rolled. (And I thank Stew for calling it to my attention with one of his "yowza's" whenever that was...) I liked it so much, I bought a second one to keep in reserve in case anything happened to the first. But there has always been one nagging trait to the P3 that lurks in a corner of my mind, and it comes up with the prospect of facing a VERY long putt. I've described the feel as something like the gas pedal on early turbo auto engines. There's a miniscule delay before the pop, and it's touchy when trying to gauge how much effort to put into your arc on a long putt. I've had more than a few 20 or 30 footers that have gotten away from me or come up short. Enter the Pantaleone. This thing is as smooth at 30 feet as it is at 3. The face milling is unusual in that it is not vertical, not horizontal, not made of intersecting waves. It just is. And depending on what is required, you can seemingly order up a firm rap for an uphill punt or a soft caress for a downhill slider. The neck invites your eye to stare. The high toe seems to track whatever arc you can conjure with an uncanny stability. The thing sort of smiles even at a double breaker... Most common question I get was my own question, too: is it worth the money? Sorry to say -- unequivocally -- yes.