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  1. Yamada Hand made Custom Putter High End Blade Putter with Burning Copper Finish. One of the last original versions that have been hand made in Japan. Model: KB-875 Length: 35 Inch Shaft: Nippon stepless Weight: 620 gr overall Grip: Winn X-Pro 1,32 Finish: Burning Copper Headcover: original Yamada Condition: used but not abused. Some dings are there. Please check the pics for details Price when new 799€ Now for 350€ net to me. Plus shipment and paypal. Location is Germany
  2. Brand new Selling spare brand new piece 34 inch Upgraded black shaft Matched with aqua blue Yamada grip Asking usd 500 excluding shipping
  3. Okay, so with Part 1, the virgin Personal-2's putting me almost down for the ho'-ing count, Part 2 steps into the picture. I picked up this wonderful set of OnOff CB247 heads earlier in the year from one of our TSG boyz down under, but I realized I had the chance of my golfing lifetime to do an experiment that I've always wondered about. I guess my partiality to the feel of copper irons is obvious by now, but since I consider these 247's the softest feel I've ever laid hands on iron-wise, I was curious -- could these be something I liked steel shafts in, which normally I don't respond to with the same love I feel for composites, the Fuji MCI's in particular...? Enter Modus-3 Tour 105's, which Chris introduced me to several weeks ago when they came available on the market. Maybe the lighter weight, which I tend to favor all through my bag, would bring me around when paired with the OnOff marshmallows. So I talked to my good friend and trusted club builder, Gary Gooden, aka here @ Goodsie, to get his opinion, and he agreed the 247's would be the babies to try this on. So I dutifully sent them off to him for his magic tuning touch, and he shot them back to me last week all spined and flo'd. Bottom line? The verdict is still out. These things also feel like light sabres. There is a little more of the vibration that puts me off of steel most times, but the Modus-3 seems to have dealt with this, at least in the lighter 105 weight, in a way that works better for me. These shafts make the 247's launch higher and, for me with my slow tempo, with very nice control and feel. The MCI shafted P2's still seem longer, but not hugely smoother as I expected. In short, I have myself a nice dilemma. And I'll be curious to see how each feels in the cold(er) winter play (albeit still in the year round climate of S.Cal...). So, kind of a dual nirvana for me at the moment... And I'm not complaining...
  4. So, I've been on a bit of a copper craze lately, and while I'm not trying to buy everything in sight that has copper, it definitely piques my interest whenever I see something. I think my goal is to have a nice spare bag filled with all things copper at some point, but as the adage goes - haste makes waste - and seeing that there are now a lot more copper options for refinishing (a la TSG's sweet new refinishing service), I think I'll take my time to find the right pieces and finish for the makeover. In the meantime, I do have a project that has started all the copper hype for me, and wanted to share. Thought this might be a nice place for all us TSG members who share an interest in this lovely finish to share their goodies as well. So, without further ado, here's my current project (pre-build)...Tourstage MR23 CB's | TT Monaco X -- in COPPER!! I'll update w/ new pics once these beauties get built. I did a search and found individual threads on copper projects people had shared but nothing that collated them all for us to view and enjoy. Hopefully you guys will jump in with me and share your prizes as well!! ;)
  5. This set didn't need refinishing, but I was sending in another set and I just couldn't help but think that these would be awesome in copper. I think I was right. Since a little after I sent them in (they took quite a while), I've had in mind to sell them, but now that they're here, I'm thinking that might be tough. One of the things I love about copper is how you can let them patina or keep them shiny with ease. Oh, what to shaft these bad boys with?! The pictures don't do them justice; I'll have to spend some time with something other than my phone camera.
  6. A set of Blade Golf TF-2 Blades in copper. 3-PW set. http://www.bladegolf.com/tf.htm When purchased was told they were made from Miura Blade blanks. Blade Golf will validate for serious buyer.... One of the softest I have used... Patinaing nicely NS SP Blue in Stiff 38.5" 5 iron 62* lie angle D2 isn with Grip Master Leather tour wraps $750 $450 plus shipping and PP Fees, no fees for PP gift.
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