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  1. Another new brand to recently show up in the pro shop that I'm pretty excited about is eRook with their RK55z driver, the first product line from a new brand from Japan, “King Love Queen.” The first thing that jumps out at me about this brand is that they seems to provide information about their product which suggests legitimate R&D and reasonably valid testing methods for their design features. This is something which I constantly recognize is woefully lacking with industry information and marketing, especially from the major brands. The face material for this driver, Ti-5N Titanium, has a very fine grain structure and properties against the propagation of cracks. The material is 113% higher in tensile strength, 125% higher in yield stress, and 160% higher in elongation than the more popular 6-4 titanium which is used in MANY driver heads. The use of this face material provides great potential for distance as it is less prone to cracks or breakage, even when the face is flexed significantly during impact. This is the type of info that I want to hear from a brand about their new product, not ridiculous proprietary names for "new" features with generic nonsense and marketing propaganda. RK55z utilizes these other unique design considerations for producing better distance, accuracy, and feel. It has a square face which is easy to address at the target, and the shallow back profile gives the impression of launching the ball easily. The large “Inch Bulge & Roll” face profile minimizes distance loss on off-center hits. The head design focuses on increasing strength in key areas on both the sole and crown in an effort to maximize the trampoline effect of the face to increase initial ball speed. CG distribution was calculated to maximize the amplification effects at impact: the CG distance was made to be slightly longer to allow forgiveness on off-center hits; CG height was lowered by the careful and strategic design of the wall thickness which contributes to lowering the backspin; CG Depth was optimized for the head shape so that it provides a good balance of stability and distance performance as well as a strong trajectory. Dozens of sound simulation analyses were performed to achieve a pleasing sound and feel at impact. In pursuit of the optimal head vibration frequency (which equates to impact sound and feel), the design of the ribs are the result of numerous iterations of trial and error. After much testing and validation by a number of professionals and top amateur players, they achieved their version of optimal sound and feel. I am very excited to see more products from this new brand in the near future. I find this first release of theirs to be VERY visually appealing in addition to all of the other aspects already mentioned, so if it performs half as well as it sounds like it will then they'll have set the bar pretty high with this first product.
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