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  1. looking for yururi gekku wedges 41* or fourteen rm 21 42*. Also jokey forged 2012. Looking for 46/50 and 56. Pm me if you have any. Cheers
  2. Fourteen FH 1000 So this was about the stupidest thing to do. So I can't handle the 5005 MB's , so lets buy a full fledged blade!! They are pretty however! The finish is a very unique dull stainless steel like without the abrasive marks. I hit this 7 iron once at the range and I played one round with the full set. They are that new. The shaft are DG R300 purchased form the US distributer.
  3. Unsold items withdrawn from Sale.. 1. PRGR New Egg Spoon Fairway Wood (3W @ 15* Loft) + 2 x PRGR Original Shaft (M-40 + M-43) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- $ Traded Condition:- 7.5/10 Usage:- 4 Range Sessions + 3 Rounds Comments:- Relatively clean sole. Scuff marks at bottom of the Face (Kept on topping the ball!) Slight scratches around the "crown" portion (Top side part as there is no crown) 2. Yamaha Inpres XV Fairway Woods (3W + 5W) + Original Rombax Shaft (Stiff) (No headcover) - To be sold together Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6/10 Usage:- 2 Range Sessions (1 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Usual scuff marks on Sole. Clean Face. Clean crown but slight paint chips where the Face meets the Crown. 3. Maruman Shuttle A F3 Maraging + Orig Infiber Shaft ® w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 9/10 (Bought brand new!) Usage:- 2 Range Sessions (1 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Very slight scuff marks on Sole. Very Clean Face w/ Faint ball marks near the bottom. Very clean crown, no marks whatsoever 4. Fourteen RM-11 Wedge Set (50* & 58*) - Shaft & Grip to be updated later on (I can't rem what it is) Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6/10 (Used condition - Conservative rating) Usage:- 3 Range Sessions + 2 Rounds Comments:- Usual wear & tear expected of wedge use. Nicks/dings and scratches on leading edge/sole/face. Refer to picture for clear indication of usage. Cosmetic blemishes does not affect the performance at all, ball shredder to the extreme. Got this to compare with the Titleist Cold-Forged Wedges and decided my swing characteristics suit the Titleist better. 5. Kenmochi Wedge Set (52* / 56* / 60*) + NS 950 + Iomic Grips Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6/10 (Used condition) - Black finishing wearing away beautifully on club face/sole. Gives character to the club. Usage:- Used for 1 season Comments:- Usual wear & tear expected of wedge use. Nicks/dings and scratches on leading edge/sole/face. Refer to picture for clear indication of usage. Bought this from TSG Store before really understanding about bounce/swing type/wedge play techniques. Found that the high bounce (13*) not that suited for me, disregarding that ground condition in Dubai is pretty hard. * All shafts are standard/default lengths as purchased from TSG/Dealer, no cutting done. * Shipping cost is conservatively estimated dependent on your location of course. To help keep costs down, I will share 50/50 Shipping cost with Buyer. * Buyer shall be responsible for all import taxes, duties, and any other misc charges. There's rarely any to be frank, but you never know.
  4. Just a couple of items First is a Ryoma F2 13* fairway wood head This comes in the original box with the headcover There are some slight marks on the crown that can be seen at a slight angle Please take a look at the ring at the base of the hosel, too perfect to be anything wrong (just mentioning it) Overall in good shape $OLD A full set of Fourteen TC1000 forged irons 3-PW The 5-PW have brand new New Decade MC4 grips These have the original shafts and the 3+4 have the original Fourteen grips These are in VERY GOOD condition with very little chatter and no scratches SOLD I have 2 Graphite Design Tour AD driver shafts The first is a Tour AD BB-6s driver shaft New Iomic Gray Camo Sticky 2.3 grip This is 43 1/4" played 45" in a Cobra Fly Z+ Only played one round with this shaft SOLD Brand new Tour AD MT-6s Raw/ uncut 46" and it is spined and FLO'd with tape on the shaft SOLD
  5. Looking to sell my Fourteen TC-710 forged irons with NSPro95. 5-PW stock lies and length. Its geared for players who want forgiveness combined with workability. The softness is addictive. Good condition. 8.5/10. Looking at $650, excludes shipping. Trades can be discussed. Feel free to pm. Thanks / Mep
  6. Ok fellas, Sad to have to let these go but they're just sitting in the corner collecting dust. Plus I need the cash;) Tour-issued Fourteen TC1000 (PW-3i) shafted with N.S. Pro Prototype C10 (S-flex) - One of the softest irons ever and I believe the last Fourteen model forged in Japan. - Haven't seen too many of the C10 shafts around but they are sweet. Too sweet for me now. $OLD
  7. as always trades welcome, would like to try a nonconforming driver or anything cool. all prices shipped/insured ups ground conus. intl add ship diff+ an autographed photo of Donald trump's toupee...I think my pricing is fair, gear isn't moving but all this is way below 50% & I take very good care off my gear.... yonex eZone 15* great shape illima stiff puréd, xevolution ((small chip from 2year old but allll this club does is hit 240yard baby draws...190 RC jp104 fh 18* attas3 8s tspx, see cert, "missile launcher" 250 ((shaft alone was double that and this club is mint)) chikaras v1 52&&57 straight from Carl w Kbs hirev//execs 250 endo forged fourteen TC 770 w Aerotech i95 s & no1s very forgiving and soft. whoever gets will be grateful, these are great performers for the 10 hcap! 525 ostrich bag. this bag is not as cool as it looks in photo. was a drunk eBay purchase. nonetheless, it is hand made from South Africa...I'm not going to say what I paid bc it's embarrassing...light use as a guest bag...125
  8. I'm looking into the 930 but I prefer the finish of 910. Any significant different of the two? They seem to have the same design until to the muscle at the cavity with just the exception of having longer muscle for the 930. Would appreciate all your thoughts. Thanks!
  9. Clearing out some extras, all prices are shipped and paypaled in the conus., others pm for a shipping qoute. First to pay get's the item and no trades please. G Field 4 wood, just under 42". Stiff Graphite Design shaft, with cover. Great shape but 2 small scratches on the top line out at the toe, not seen at address, $125 let's try $100 Fourteen MT28v3 wedges, 58/08 bent to 60/10 and 56/12 bent to 54/10. These are non conforming grooves and are made in Japan, sticker intact. I had them extended by 1/2", DG wedge shaft on the 60 and NS pro 950 wedge shaft +1/2" on the 54, only a couple rounds on them great condition. 58 sold, 5612 bent to 54/10 is $65 shipped UST Mamiya Attas-T2 6S TourSPX shaft 43 3/4" may not have ever been installed. Bought it one night, don't know why, these retail for $400, I will ship this in a hard cardboard tube so it will arrive safely. $old
  10. Since I changed my bag setup, I think it’s time to sell 3 wedges I’m not using and some other stuff that’s just lying around. They are high quality forged Japanese wedges so it’s a waste to leave them in lying around the house not being used. These three are all $200 a piece wedges. Asking half the price each, is I think a fair deal. So $100 a piece, ex shipping. The first one: ($OLD) Fourteen 2009 MT-28 V4 Forged Wedge *Loft : 48/6, *Shaft : NS Pro 950GH Wedge Flex Original Fourteen grip Second one: ($OLD) Kyoei Zestaim Io Grind Forged Wedge *Loft : 52/10, *Shaft : NS Pro 950GH Regular Flex Black Widow grip Last but not least: Epon 208KGX *Loft : 60/11 *Shaft : NS Pro 950GH Stiff Flex Original Epon grip I also got a Vega T.50MB forged by Kyoei iron 6 club head. Had big plans with it, but I never did anything with it. It’s brand new. Any one who is interested in this piece, just let me know. Last thing that needs a new home is a Honma PF 3 iron with a NS Pro 950GH Stiff Flex shaft. Almost like new. Let me know if it’s your piece of cake. Shipping international will be approx. between $33 and $40 depending on the type of shipment world wide.
  11. SOLD!!! Thanks for your interests!
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