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  1. Regular flex shaft or heads only is fine. Please PM with pics if you are interested in parting with one. Thanks !
  2. Miura Giken HB3 Hybrid - 20 Degree - Oban Devotion ShaftSelling my Miura Hybrid...Superb feeling feeling, unrivalled quality, easy to play, versatile, high end shaft...what more do you need I thought that would be a keeper, but unfortunately the length does not fit into my set anymore...Details:- Miura HB3 Head- Loft: 20 Degree- Shhaft: Oban Devotion 8- Flex: Stiff- Length: 41 Inch- Grip: Pure regular- Original Miura head coverCondition:good used condition Zustand. For a black surface hardly any signs of use. Little scratch on the top line.Otherwise top condition. Headcover is unused.Price when new: 490€Selling it for: 130€ plus shipment and PayPal feesLocation: Germany
  3. Hello. Got this highly sought-after club recently in a trade but have decided that I prefer my previous fairway wood due to gaps in distances. Romaro Ray Type-R 21 degrees. Beautiful set up and shape of head. Very long. Fujikura shaft MCH 80-S. Condition 8/10 conservatively with Iomic grip in very good condition. Slight use marks on face. Sole and crown very good. Original headcover. Will not separate. Priced to sell quickly. Particular trade interest is a 18* A-grind. Shoot me a message if you have anything else interesting to trade.... TRADED Thanks for looking.
  4. My thanks to Chris for letting me review the new iBrid Chapter 2 from RomaRo. To begin with, I should say that over the years I’ve hit so many hybrids that they threatened to take over my garage at one point. I grabbed the very first one I ever saw (from TaylorMade…) and have had an on/off, love/hate relationship with them ever since. I love my long irons and I love my fairway woods, so although the concept of a hybrid made sense to me, it was always a tough sell. Like many golfers, I found a lot of them to be hook machines, especially off the tee. And the ones that seemed to work well off fairways didn’t seem to be right on the tee, or sometimes from the rough. And with virtually all of them, the hooks would return no matter how promising the feel when new. After endless experimenting, I finally settled on an 18-deg 2-iron and the Miura HB3 20-deg for my bag. I consider the Miura to be the perfect hybrid for me. It sets up like a long iron, is very small in profile, has the dense solid feel of a driving iron that I like, and most of all it goes straight like a long iron. So, I was more than a little curious to hit the iBrid. First test, out of the box and my two cats gave the immediate paws up to this beauty. It’s a gorgeous little club. (see Chris's pics for that) My black and white cat, whose name is Kobayashi Maru (interesting story that involved Tario, but I’ll save that for another time…) especially fixated on the head. Some clubs she immediately hisses at, and I usually find them to be unappealing at address later… As I said, they were both good to go on this baby. So off to the range. First thing I noticed was exactly what Chris describes in the blog. The face of this club, which is a forged cup, has more spring than I’ve ever felt in a hybrid. That same coefficient that measures time on the face -- which I love to be long on drivers and fwy’s -- is there in spades on this club. The ball is sucked in and then ramped out with a delicious feel. And the sound is also unique in my experience for a hybrid. There is a loud audible pop when you hit this thing on the sweet spot – not like an iron, not like a fwy, but like a new kind of weapon. It sounds almost copper-y, if that makes sense. The face shape is more iron-like than many hybrids, and I’d say the center is pushed out slightly toward the toe, making the club very forgiving on off-center hits. Open the face a little, and you get a more muted sound for a fade. Close it slightly and the sound is more staccato, kind of like a bullet firing into a nice draw. For me, sound is a big part of the equation, and this club definitely has its own unique sound which drew inquiring looks at the range, and later at the course. And definitely a forgiving, workable club, this thing, not a hook machine. Two rounds at the home course right next to my HB3 only reinforced the uniqueness of the iBrid. I found I could easily pick shots off the Kikuyu fairway, and when I took it into the rough, it went down for the ball with a growling authority that gave confidence. Off the tee on a couple of long Par 3’s, I also found the club in its own class. I haven’t said yet, but the iBrid is LONG. I wasn’t nuts about the ATTAS EZ shaft, but then I tend to not get along with UST Mamiya shafts so well (except for the Freq Filtered putter shaft…). I’ll say this, the shaft is beautiful to look at – a kind of smooth gunmetal grey – but like Chris, I’d love to try this thing with the new TRPX UT shaft when it’s out... For now though, when you catch this club and shaft right, it blows out shots with a strong piercing trajectory more common to fwy’s that have good run out than a soft landing hybrid. And oh yes, that sound stays equally interesting off of grass. The thing pops (and rocks). It brings smiles to those looking on as well as to you when the ball flies. I remain faithful to my driving iron, as nothing beats the feeling for me of puring a shot with one of those off the tee. But as far as hybrids go – and I would call this more of a hybrid than a driving iron -- the iBrid wants a place in the bag, insisting on its own distinct quality and range advantage. I’m still not giving up my Miura, but this club is a contender, and I applaud RomaRo for introducing something new, unique, and fun into the hybrid family.
  5. I've decided to go hybrid free for the upcoming 2014 season..... We'll see how it goes. :) Have a couple of Adams Tour Issue hybrids for sale. Really good 3 iron replacement , but like any other hybrids I have tried, I hook them occasionally. I know it is the Indian and not the arrow, but here they are. 1. Tour Issue Adams A12 Pro 22deg ( this oft is Tour only ) / UST VTS 100HS Silver shaft Used but not abused. Comes with headcover. - $OLD 2. Head Only Tour Issue Adams Idea Pro VST 21deg ( this model never made retail ) Used but lots of life left. Comes with headcover - $35 shipped in US 3. Adams Redline Super hybrid 19deg - retail model ATTAS T2 7S Hybrid Series shaft Used only one round , looks new - $40 shipped in US 4. Scotty Cameron X2 putter 34" - Looks great except for a couple of scratches. Comes with headcover - $OLD
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