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  1. I am selling 3 beautiful iron sets that are hard to find in the market. 1. Fujimoto Gikoh MB: 4-P, KBS Tour-V 110 stiff, brand new SuperStroke grips, excellent condition, $600 shipped CONUS. 2. Scott Golf SG-02: 4-P, DG S200, brand new PURE grips, excellent condition, $500 shipped CONUS. 3. Scratch: 4-P, Nippon Modus 3 120 stiff, brand new SuperStroke grips, excellent condition, $500 shipped CONUS. The pictures cannot fully reflect the true beauty and quality of these irons. Trades considered. Nothing specific. Irons and drivers only, JDMs preferable. Thanks.
  2. For sale is the brand new never used Miura KM 007 putter, 34". It's one of the BEST putter that created by Miura, and it has been discontinued this year. Comes with a very soft and luxury head cover, I was waiting for this putter from Japan for 4 months then I ended up with buying another putter instead. Paid over $550, Asking $450 PayPal only, will ship to anywhere in the states. Thanks for looking.
  3. Yamada Hand made Custom Putter High End Blade Putter with Burning Copper Finish. One of the last original versions that have been hand made in Japan. Model: KB-875 Length: 35 Inch Shaft: Nippon stepless Weight: 620 gr overall Grip: Winn X-Pro 1,32 Finish: Burning Copper Headcover: original Yamada Condition: used but not abused. Some dings are there. Please check the pics for details Price when new 799€ Now for 350€ net to me. Plus shipment and paypal. Location is Germany
  4. Hey guys, (relisting now that they are used) Judging from the forums, pretty sure you guys already know about the P2's. I found this set and a set of rare Miura Giken's on my last trip to Japan. Honestly was planning on keeping both, but a few things changed so my wife has "recommended" I try to unload one :p. I finally got to test them on a real range and the Miura's fit me better so sadly the P2's are now on the sell block. If you haven't seen them in person, the Personal 2's are gorgeous and they definitely induce more confidence (at least for me) at address with the slightly larger head compared to my MB-5003's. And the tour wedges feel and look absolutely stunning as well. As far as the clubs, I only tested the LW & SW (~10 balls a piece) + 8 & 6 iron (~15 balls a piece) and I hit off mats w/ a piece of tape on the head. If I didn't tell you I hit them, I don't think you could tell. Have a look at the pics yourself. All other clubs are still in the plastic. I did a lot of work to track these down in Japan, so hopefully can find an owner here that appreciates these... Looking for $2500 shipped obo. Specs EPON P2 (4-PW) Shafts: KBS C-Taper in S+ (125) Lie: Standard 5 iron length: 37.5 (butt cut approximately 5mm to get to D1 swing weight) Swing weight: D1 EPON TOURWEDGE Loft/Bounce: (56/12 & 60/9) Shafts: KBS 610 wedge shafts in S+ (125) Lie: Standard Length: butt cutt 5mm to match the rest of the set Swing weight: D3 All Grips: No.1 50 series in white/black (no reminder rings) Neoprene headcovers included
  5. Hello All, Just came back from Tokyo and picked up two limited iron sets. Wife says I need to get rid of one so will need to let one of these beauties go and wanted to list it here before going to Ebay. The other set are EPON P2's which are posted separately Second set are these limited edition Miura Giken MB-5003 + MB-5000WB wedges in boron black mirror finish. MB-5003 (3-PW) Shafts: KBS C-Taper in S (120) Lie: Standard Length: Standard (5 iron length: 37.75) Swing weight: D1 MB-5000WB WEDGES Loft/Bounce: (53/8 & 58/12) Shafts: KBS 610 wedge shafts in S (120) Length & Lie: Standard Swing weight: 53 is D2, 58 is D3 All Grips: No.1 50 series in red/black (no reminder rings) Includes Miura magnetic headcovers: 3-PW+ AW+SW+X (11 pieces). Headcovers are easy to pick up as the magnet sticks to iron head (see pic) Asking $3000 shipped for iron set + wedges + headcovers CLOSED
  6. Hello All, Just came back from Tokyo and picked up two limited iron sets. Wife says I need to get rid of one so will need to let one of these beauties go and wanted to list it here before going to Ebay. The other set are Miura Giken MB-5003's in mirror black boron finish which I will post separately. First set are these EPON P2's. With some help from some very nice folks and a bit of luck, was able to track down probably the last set (as far as I could tell) of brand new P2's by calling all the authorized dealers in Japan. Specs EPON P2 (4-PW) Shafts: KBS C-Taper in S+ (125) Lie: Standard 5 iron length: 37.5 Swing weight: D1 EPON TOURWEDGE Loft/Bounce: (56/12 & 60/9) Shafts: KBS 610 wedge shafts in S+ (125) Lie: Standard Swing weight: D3 All Grips: No.1 50 series in white/black (no reminder rings) Asking $2700 shipped for iron set + wedges CLOSED
  7. hi guys, crazy UT 18 head only, in very good condition, some minor scratches on the front of the head and sole but other than that, no chips, dents whatsoever... head only, no head cover 230 usd inclusive of shipping anywhere & paypal
  8. hey guys, this club needs no introduction, selling w/ original stock shaft (45.25), grip & head cover > tour ad mx-v 64g stiff. normal wear & tear, condition B-, no dents/chips. asking 499 usd inclusive of shipping anywhere.------lowered to 420usd head only 320usd including shipping
  9. Crazy Royal Decoration line has been known to be light weight and built of the average swing speed golfers, the new athlete model is built with the aggressive & faster swingers in mind. The new RD athelte model is slightly heavier than the original RD shafts to accomodate aggresive swingers. The shaft offers a very strong trajectory along with consistent feel & forgiveness for the average player with an aggresive swing. The shaft is in excellent condition and comes with a brand new lightweight (25gms) golf pride tour 25 for lightweight traction & control. I tripled wrapped it so it feels like a midweight grip. 50gms, SR flex i took off the adapter to try on my ryoma head and extended it by about an inch. Currently the length is 44 inches. I will throw in the adapter too. Asking 299 usd, Retails at around 600usd
  10. Sold. Thanks. Epon Personal 2 4-PW (7 pcs) Shimada K's Tour Lite Regular flex (constant weight shaft ~99g after cut) 5-iron played to 38". There are extensions to the shafts to make them play to US std length. With very new Golf Pride Grips. Very good condition except for a small nick on the sole of 6-iron (Please see pic)
  11. First time poster here, Greetings TSG! I need help in identifying the year and lofts to these Yamaha Inpres GRX irons. Couldn't seem to find much information on the old Yamaha catalogues or anywhere else online. I know for sure these are not 2008. A guy at the local driving range had me try some, and it was the probably the best feeling club I ever swung. Tried the 6, and it was LONG and FORGIVING, lofts are probably jacked up strong. I just want to know how strong.
  12. Unsold items withdrawn from Sale.. 1. TRPX D-013 Driver (9.5* Loft) + Fujikura Tour Platform Series 26.3 (S) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 8/10 Usage:- 3 Range Sessions + 1 Round Comments:- Usual minor scuff marks on sole. Very clean crown and face. 2. TRPX S-013 Driver (10.5* Loft) + Fujikura Tour Platform Series 26.3 (S) w/ Original Headcover Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 6.5/10 Usage:- 2 Range Sessions + 1 Round Comments:- Usual scuff marks on sole (Slightly more than the D-013). Crown in very good condition. Paint Fill in one of the grooves came off a bit. 3. Yamaha 2014 RMX 01 Driver (9.5*) Head Only + Weight Kits/Adapter (No original Headcover but Onoff Headcover included) Asking:- WITHDRAWN Condition:- 9/10 Usage:- I bought it as used condition but have not even shafted it myself Comments:- Very Clean Sole and Crown. Faint ballmark on Face but barely noticeable. Got a lot of drivers to try in a bid to rebuild the bag but decided to go with T.388 and Honma TW717 for rotation. 4. TaylorMade 2014 Gloire Driver (10.5) + T.M GL2200 Shaft w/ Original Headcover & wrench Asking:- $$OLD Condition:- 8/10 Usage:- 3 Range Sessions (2 Grass, 1 Mat) Comments:- Usual scuff marks on Sole. Faint ballmarks on Face. Very Clean crown but tiny paint chip where the Face meets the Crown near the toe end. * All shafts are standard/default lengths as purchased from TSG/Dealer, no cutting done. The TRPX Drivers were installed by professional clubfitter with the same exact shafts for a clearer comparison. * TRPX Drivers does not come with the wrench or weight kits. * Shipping cost is conservatively estimated but actual shipping depends on your actual location. * Buyer shall be responsible for all import taxes, duties, and any other misc charges. Having said that, I have not encountered any thus far. Have already shipped several times to USA/Europe in the past. * Heads only can be considered on the TRPX Drivers but the rest should be as is.
  13. hey guys, I'm new here! i got sold on tsp's review on the d1 max & bought a 2nd hand ryoma d1 max type g and wanted to ask some advice from you guys: - why are japanese drivers longer? does it really help with distance? tried using a few sample jap drivers at 46-47 inch and can't hit for nuts. I'm currently using a titleist 913 d2 (stock bassara, regular 50g) with 50" shaft which works good but not great ! main issue is that the ball launches high but has no run on it….and distance wise is avg. - i read on tsg that the d1 max type g works for 46.5 inch but can i trim the shaft down to 45? - with the specs on the d1 max & shaft, would i get what i want + 15 yds? tq for your replies in advance...
  14. First up, Head only Mizuno MP H4 9.5head P-spec=Power version 201 gram Perfect condition i´d rate 9.5/10 Original head cover Cool matte black finish. 170 usd shipped from Sweden w tracking nr + Head only Mizuno MP Craft 611 10 degree head 200 grams Very good condition 9/10. Lowest launching head i have hit so far. no head cover 120 USD shipped from Sweden w tracking nr or 250 USD shipped for the pair Only trades id be interested in is SLDR 430 TP head 9-10 degrees.
  15. Traded. Thanks. I am the first owner - all bought new from dealer in Singapore. They are bought together as a matching set. - MG CB-2007 (4-PW) - MG MB-5000WC wedges (52* & 57*) 9 heads altogether.
  16. Romaro UT 4-Hybrid (24*) Head ONLY. I lost the head cover and order a replacement head cover from Japan. There are light scratches on the head. At the face, there are marks as well. Sold. Thanks.
  17. -First up is a Jbeam 435 head only... 10.5* ... full disclosure ... there is a small scratch on the back of the crown... tried to capture in picture but its very faint .... COMES WITH THE WEIGHT KIT and Head Cover PICTURED SOLDD -Next up is ON OFF 2012? 3 iron with tour issued KBS tour stiff shaft and No1 Grip... ASKING $125 Shipped ConUS
  18. Close please
  19. MahanFan

    Miura Bag

    Want to buy Miura bag. Please let me know what you have and price. Thanks!
  20. Hi, Misplaced my PW and would like to replace it. I have 9, PW Tournament Blades to trade, among many other things, or cash to offer. Prefer head only. Thanks!
  21. Epon 502 on Roddio i8 SR vs Epon 302 on Crazy LYI Neo S A 10-point cut-to-the-chase comparison 1. 302 launches a tad higher, which contradicts what I've heard. Could be the shaft. 2. 502 plays half club longer (for me). 3. 302 hits softer, not sure if the copper and/or black finish have anything to do with it. 4. 502 face 'hotter'; can definitely feel the ball speeding off in an instant. 5. 302 is more 'workable', more feel; 502 has a bit off a DOI (dead on impact) sensation. 6. 502 is more satisfying, in audible and tactile terms, on those full-blooded solid-contact hits. 7. 302 is less forgiving on mis-hits, losing more distance on thin and other ugly shots. 8. LYI Neo is more lively; more kick, more fun. 9. i8 more stable; eating up the whacks and finesse shots without any hiccups (a local clubmaker/pro proclaimed the i8 best shaft he'd ever hit). 10. Copper is more princely, Black is more badass.
  22. I'm looking into the 930 but I prefer the finish of 910. Any significant different of the two? They seem to have the same design until to the muscle at the cavity with just the exception of having longer muscle for the 930. Would appreciate all your thoughts. Thanks!
  23. Epon T72 putter for sale. 34" with Golf Pride grip, loft 4°, lie 71° in good condition (see pictures) asking price $400 + shipping or best offer.
  24. Just wanted to wish everybody a happy new year. I love reading posts here at TSG and hope the coming year will be as intersting golf gear-wise as it has been. Keep up the good work guys!
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