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  1. ALL SOLD!! Thank TSG

    Hi guys, shuffling season again!! :) Have some great gear here. I feel I have priced them pretty agressively so please do not send me outrageous lowball offers that will get me upset. I am usually a very nice calm person. :) ***** ITEMS ADDED 4/21 Mystery C-HT 411 FD 13deg Semi Large sized Fairway Driver. 195cc Shallow and very easy to launch. 210g Mint Condition with just a faint brush mark on the sole from a couple of range sessions. Comes with Mystery's very cool headcover!! I presonally think this is one of the best looking large sized fairway woods. SOLD Royal Collection Proto FW 14 deg Very compact size. Beautiful pear shape. Professionally hotmelted to 215g Says "DEMO" on hosel. Obviously does not affect performance. Small paint chip along the edge of face line. No headcover SOLD ********* Crazy STP 85 3 Iron shaft (38.5" grip end to tip) Crazy STP Proto 100 4-PW (5 iron 37.25" grip end to tip) Example build : Mizuno MP64 5 iron length comes to 38.5" Grips are Iomic Sticky 2.3 ribbed. Cosmetically flawless. This is more ore less an SX flex shaft. Tightest dispersion shaft I have ever played. Tip is sanded down just enough to fit a .355 hosel. Tip section walls are thick enough that I do not see any issues with this method. If you have doubts, you should opt for a set that has not been sanded down. - SOLD!!