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Found 3 results

  1. 9.5 Head Sold PRICE DROP Two Mizuno MP650 driver heads, one at 9.5 degrees, one at 12 degrees. Very little use - the 12 only ever went on the covered range, didn't agree with me. High quality products, $40 apiece. Happy to discuss price, answer questions, post more photos, etc.. Like the 3 wood they are just really good solid driver heads and deserve to be used so... happy to let them go.
  2. First time poster here, Greetings TSG! I need help in identifying the year and lofts to these Yamaha Inpres GRX irons. Couldn't seem to find much information on the old Yamaha catalogues or anywhere else online. I know for sure these are not 2008. A guy at the local driving range had me try some, and it was the probably the best feeling club I ever swung. Tried the 6, and it was LONG and FORGIVING, lofts are probably jacked up strong. I just want to know how strong.
  3. Alex S. Pranata

    Best Driver Material?

    Hi guys. new to this forum. Im curious about driver material, Which one is the best and by what term it will differentiate it? Sound, feel, or distance? So far from what i know driver material are, titanium 6-4rolled,pressed,etc....titanium ks100....titanium ELF-Ti...pure titanium...stainless steel...anybody know which is the best? and what makes it the best ? for example onoff XP use 6-4Ti face...and onoff 2011 type-S using ELF-Ti face...what is the different? what makes driver sound hollow?and loud? is it the material? THankyou Guys...