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  1. 14stix

    Modart Hybrid 22*

    Regular flex shaft or heads only is fine. Please PM with pics if you are interested in parting with one. Thanks !
  2. Can’t play anymore, so these beloved bombers need new homes. A little about my game: I am a 46 year old mid capper with average swing speed (or so I’m told). I play most shafts in Regular, with the occasional SR. I had struggled to keep my drives and long fairway shots in play, but the clubs up for sale have cured that for me. As a result of assembling these clubs from fellow TSGers, my scores had dropped from embarrassing to respectable levels. Prices are in USD and pp gifted, shipped anywhere in CONUS via USPS. Shipping rates outside of the US can be negotiated. PM with questions or pic requests. No trades please ! Ryoma Type D 11.5* Driver with Muso XDB55R shaft - $SOLD - Ryoma F3 15* Fairway Wood with Crazy FW80 6.4 shaft - $SOLD Ryoma UT3 21* Utility with Crazy UT-R shaft - $SOLD PRGR Egg Spoon 15* Fairway Wood with Crazy Royal Deco R shaft - $SOLD Ryoma Type D 11.5* Driver shafted with Muso XDB 55R. Plays to 46 inch length. Iomic Grips Terrific arching howitzer for players with human swing speeds. After the ball lands, lots of roll for a looong drive. Still the most forgiving driver head out there for me. Barely visible small cosmetic paint scratch from previous owner at back of head. Muso XDB shaft gives this stick a lot of kick. Condition 8/10. Original headcover included. Ryoma F3 15* Fairway Wood shafted with Crazy FW80 6.4. Plays to 43 inch length. Iomic Grips Ultra stable mid high flight with lots of roll. The Crazy shaft gives this FW a stout, controlled feel. Has a small rock ding towards the back of the sole from previous owner. Small paint chip at back of head, . Does NOT affect play at all. Still the most forgiving 3W head out there for me. Condition 7/10. Original headcover included. Ryoma UT3 21* Utility shafted with Crazy UT shaft R. Ryoma grip. Length: 40 inches. Ryoma grip. Ultra stable, solid feeling utility. Very forgiving larger head, easy to hit. Gives a mid high trajectory, gets the ball from most lies. The Crazy shaft gives this stick a firm stout feel. Condition 8/10. Original headcover included. PRGR Egg Spoon 15* Gen II FW head shafted with Crazy Royal Deco R Flex. Crazy Grip. 42 inch length A go-to Fairway driver when the fairways are tight. At 42 inches, this FW provides a mid-height trajectory with decent of roll once the ball comes down. Plays like a 4W for me. Condition 7.5/10. No headcover.
  3. Yamaha Inpres-X Utility 18 Degree Selling a great feeling and top performing utility. I am only selling because I am going back to a 2 Iron. Details: - Loft: 18 Degree - Shaft: ACCRA DyMatch 2.0 RTH Regular (M3) - Length: 40,75" - Grip: Pure - standard size, color: white - Head cover: original Yamaha - Price when new: 400 US-$ The shaft plays a little bit stiffer than regular in this head, I would call it R/S. Now: 75 US$ net to me + shipping from Germany Condition: Used, but in fair condition. slight brush marks on the sole and some scratches on the face, one small paint chip on the head. Please refer to the pics! No trade offers please - cash is king
  4. All gear bought and professionally built in 2013 unless otherwise stated. All gear in mint condition, I haven't played since mid '13 and aren't likely to play golf anymore. Always transported with covers. Price includes global postage. located in Australia and can send globally No trades obviously Please PM to communicate, thanks for looking. Epon Personals 3-PTT Monaco X-flex soft stepped once, built off a 38" 5 iron. D3ish Gripmaster club makers stitch back grips perfect condition, only a few rounds on these comes with Epon new model head covers as pictured I've got about $3k in these$2,000 Kamui Pro KP-101 5-P / NS Pro prototype 2f15 S-flex, built off a 38" 5 iron, D3ish Gripmaster tour swinger grips perfect condition, look brand new only a couple of rounds on these these are stunning irons, really really long, strong lofts, but fly nice and high. perfect condition$1, 800 $1,550 $1,000 $850 Kamui Pro KPX 9.5* (custom to 10*) 200g head, closed 0.5* face - needed for this driver Graphite Design Z9003 x-flex 44.75" D3 awesome combo, perfectly matching head and shaft Gripmaster tour swinger grip, head cover in new condition SHAFT SOLD perfect condition, barely any game time $900 HEAD ONLY $500 $350 $300 Kamui Pro TP (typhoon Pro)-07 nitrogen model 9* 200g+ head, square face Diamana W75 x-flex 44.75" D3 awesome combo, perfectly matching head and shaft perfect condition, 1 round use, awesome head cover $950 $600 $500 Epon 103 9.5*Diamana Stinger Prototype X-flex, 44.5" 200g head, square face, gripmaster tour swinger grip (old model) pure flight, unbelievable feel. highly coveted stinger shaft, head cover new in plastic only a couple of rounds in this one, perfect condition $1,000 (which is less than the cost of the head!) $650 PRGR Egg HD 14* HEAD STILL AVAILABLE $150 Quadra fire express FW sx-flex 43" D3ish square face, some lead tape on sole to bring up the sw, gripmaster grip this club is cheating, really really long. 30m longer than anything ive used, and I've used all the good JDM and tour issue gear. goes dead straight. SHAFT SOLD PRGR Egg HD 14* HEAD STILL AVAILABLE $150 ONLY A COUPLE OF ROUNDS ON THIS, PERFECT CONDITION, ORIGINAL HEAD COVER AS NEW $550 HEAD ONLY $350 $250 $200 Odyssey Japan Protype 9HT 34" Japan only model, comes with changeable sole weights Michelson went nuts on this one and had Callaway make a LH version I bought it to try a heal shafted putter a while ago rolled a dozen balls on the practice green, realized I'm an anser guy and its been in the cupboard since........perfect condition $450 $300 $250 RomaRo Ray Type R Utility 18* As new condition, another club I didn't get to game, used on range for about 6 balls only. Quadra Fire Express UT 100 S (stiff-flex) head cover never used (I have Epon matching covers) length is std for a 18UT and SW should be D4ish (that's what I ask for) I have $650 plus the build cost in this. sell for $300 SOLD RomaRo ibrid i4 23* As new condition, another club I didn't get to game, hit maybe 6 balls on range. as per the type-R cover never used shafted with NS Pro Modus3 120 S-flex std length, SW should be D4ish $150 SOLD 50, 55,60 forged vokey wedges, mint condition, NS WV wedge shafts, gripmaster grips, std LLL. $600 the set SOLD epon 2* & 25* 901 SOLD 3 XJ Lindberg belts 1. J Lindberg black 36" (I believe the model is called "Slater"? big buckle and the belt is just over 4cm wide) 2. J Lindberg white 34" (I believe the model is called "Slater"? big buckle and the belt is just over 4cm wide) 3. J Lindberg white 36" (I believe the model is called "Bridger"? smaller JL buckle belt is about 33mm wide) $125 for the three in one lot SOLD JDM Adidas Tour Golf Bag perfect condition includes rain hood will throw in a matching towel and driver head cover $250 net to me for this one, other items include postage for this one buyer pays postage. Epon AF-202 15* 3 wood Forged Titanium head Matrix Ozik Altus LT shaft, SX flex (I have a matching 5wood shaft also if interested) 43" length, D4ish SW some top line scratches as pictured, the pic makes it look much worse than the view from address or even without the magnified photo with flash! I imagine would be easy to recondition original head cover in excellent condition I have close to $1k in this club bargain at $250 Epon Bag and matching head cover collection 1. Limited Edition stand bag, with rain cover 2. white driver cover 3. 2 x white fairway covers 4. 2 x comocome collaboration knitted hybrid covers 5. white Epon putter cover 6. 10pc set of Epon iron covers will sell as 1 lot only $650 net.
  5. Hello. Got this highly sought-after club recently in a trade but have decided that I prefer my previous fairway wood due to gaps in distances. Romaro Ray Type-R 21 degrees. Beautiful set up and shape of head. Very long. Fujikura shaft MCH 80-S. Condition 8/10 conservatively with Iomic grip in very good condition. Slight use marks on face. Sole and crown very good. Original headcover. Will not separate. Priced to sell quickly. Particular trade interest is a 18* A-grind. Shoot me a message if you have anything else interesting to trade.... TRADED Thanks for looking.
  6. AndreaWitono

    Honma utility

    Hi, been looking for utility wood. TW717 or TW727 looks good but, have anyone used this one? Could you share your experience with it?
  7. Romaro UT 4-Hybrid (24*) Head ONLY. I lost the head cover and order a replacement head cover from Japan. There are light scratches on the head. At the face, there are marks as well. Sold. Thanks.
  8. Tremendous utility club, but unfortunately there is no room in the bag for club anymore. Stock AD Tour U65 S Shaft, Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. Condition: 7.5/10 - small paint abrasion on toe end of crown, normal wear on bottom of head USD 120.00 net, split shipping in the US and international destinations. === OFF the MARKET - back in the bag ===
  9. Back in February we got the chance to get a sneak peak at Geotech's all new revised GT lineup. The GT line is Geotech's bread and butter and represents the best in performance and design and technology, all without breaking the bank. We've watched the GT line evolve over the years and with Geotech's metal wood manufacturing experience, get better with every new release. I had already been a firm believer of the GT line having bagged the GT N SWS FW and Utility in my bag last year. I was very excited to see the all new black GT lineup at the show and could not wait to get my hands on the clubs for some first hand testing. I typically do not hit a 5 iron in my bag (play strong lofts) so I was lo0king for something to fill that slot. I immediately thought of the new GT U-0379 so I contacted Geotech and ordered a 24* assembled for me right at the Geotech shop (while Geotech are components, any custom assembled clubs are built for the customer directly at Geotech). The U-0379 is a good looking club, and available in 4 lofts, 17 19 21 and 24* lofts. One thing that got my attention was the heavier heads of the GT utility. By going with heavier heads, it allows for each build to have a shorter club length. We see many utilities today over 40.00" in length and longer but with the heavy heads, the GT models come out a 1.00 to 1.50" shorter. Depending on shaft, this can also result in a heavier overall club build. There are a few reasons that this is good. The shorter length club results in more accurate ball striking and more consistency. This results in a good balanced between both distance and direction control/stability. My GT utility was built using the new GT/Fujikura collaboration ISOFIT shaft (71 grams but more on this later) and came out at 360g and D2 swing weight at 38.25". Compared with other 24* type utilities on the Japanese market we are looking at about 1.00" or more shorter plus 15-25g heavier. I can get too quick with the swing sometimes especially with a lighter club resulting in either pulls or hooks and topping shots (hitting them thin). I was very happy with this as the extra weight can help control my tempo and help me hit the sweet spot more often. As I've discussed on the blog before, maraging steel is a common alternative to titanium in fairway woods and utilities and even irons. Ti is pricier and not as strong when made very thin however maraging which has similar feel and performance to Ti is stronger and more durable and most importantly costs less. A few years ago most fairway woods and utilities were either stainless steel or Ti faces with stainless aimed at stronger players and faster swingers while Ti faced models were much more rare and premium and aimed at slower swingers or those desiring more distance. Maraging is much more common now and has found a place in between Ti and stainless steel. Geotech notes that the Custom 455 maraging face is not only thinner than stainless steel but more durable which results in less energy loss when you strike the face off center. Maraging has elastic characteristics similar to Ti which help increase ball speeds at impact. The face of the GT U-0379 is all black PVD as you see in the image above. It is mid height and slightly longer from heel to toe which help the average golfer who typically misses towards the toe or heel. The thinner face does result in a higher pitched impact sound but it is not loud by any means. The sound is crisp and pleasing. One of the new design features of the new GT series woods is the stepped sole you see in the image above. This multi level sole creates a V channel down the middle of the sole which helps reduce friction with the turf so that golfers can not only stay online to the ball but also not worry about losing swing speed due to contact with the ground. Like the previous GT lines, the GT U-0379 features Geotech's Stability Weight System or SWS which features interchangeable weights in the toe and heel of the club. This can alter not only the weight of the head which can help with swing weight or different length installs but, also with trajectory and head bias. The standard head comes with 1g in the toe and 4g in the heel. The extra weight in the heel helps the head rotate square at impact for a straight to very soft draw ball. Geotech also offers weights ranging from 1g to 7g as options. The 24* GT U-0379 features a 102cc head which is on the compact side. The all black finish sets up well (especially with a contrasting white ball) and unlike the previous GT N SWS utility looks quite a bit smaller at address. Even with the smaller head, its shallow back design still allow for the CG to be placed lower in the head for an easy launch. The sole of the UT is the heaviest and most rigid part of the club which also help bring the center of gravity down. I very much liked looking down at this setup and even with the size of the head, it was more than forgiving and again very good feeling at address. It was rather easy to launch the ball which can come in handy when in trouble spots. While many may not know it, Geotech has been producing their own shafts lines including several high modulus models (XDB) which were carried on TSG. This year Geotech has joined forces with Fujikura Shaft to create a new model shaft called the GT ISOFIT. Two Types of models were created TM (tip to middle) and MB (middle to butt) classifying the kick points of each shaft. An advanced 3 Axis by 4 Axis weave in the tip section (TM models) increases shaft acceleration and stability thanks to more consistent load and unload at impact. In the TB models, the 3x4 weave is placed in the mid section for more control and stability which favor the more aggressive swinger. The new GT ISOFIT models include driver shafts in the 50 and 60g range as well as FW shafts in the 60 and 70g range, a utility shaft in the 70g range and an iron shaft in the 70g range. I chose the 7i model which is the 70g iron shaft to match with the GT U-0379 utility. The iron shaft is is a TM model meaning tip to middle kick point for a higher launch while the 7U utility model is a TB or tip to butt kick point. Since I was building the utility to come very close to my iron club length I stuck with the iron version and I'm very happy I did as it is very stable and accurate but still with good feel thanks to 3.4* of torque. Overall the UT performs and is right up there with utilities twice its price. Geotech has strived to improve their product line up year in and year out without increasing prices, making their products attractive for players of all levels and all budgets. Anyone wanting a well balanced utility with great feel and pretty good looks to boot, the GT U-0379 is a definite option, especially if you want money left over after your purchase. The U-0379 is <a href="http://www.tourspecgolf.com/product_info.php?products_id=4859">available as head only</a> but can be built with any shaft available in Japan by Geotech. <a href="http://www.golftoimpress.com/contact">Just contact us for a quote! </a>
  10. liao1858

    wtb utility...

    please close~already got one! thanks TSG.