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  1. Hello all, it has been a long time since I posted here on TSG's BST and decided to do some of my own Waste Management and clean the closet. Let me know if you have questions or wanting additional pics and I will do the best I can to accommodate. Prices net and include shipping CONUS. Due to the size and weight of packages, shop around for reasonable postage. On to the stuffs... Next up is a project that I had laying around and made into a backup set. Yonex NanoV Forged 4-SW. I bought the heads used a couple of years ago from a member here and threw in a set of DGSL S300 and 1050GH pulls I had laying around. The 5-pw have the Dynamic Goldsm the 4i, AW,and SW has the Nippons. These are in great shape and standard bag chatter one would find with a soft forging. It is my understanding that these are S20C forged at Endo. If anyone can confirm or refute this, let me know. 5-pw are gripped with Iomic midsize that needs to be soon replaced, the 4 has a standard No1 which is in good shape. No grips on the AW and SW. I do recall having to do butt extensions on some of the DGSL to get them to standard length, but I cannot remember which ones and how long. Hence the price $165 net.
  2. DRIVING IRON SALE [ ALL SOLD ] to a great TSG'er... Thanks to him, and thanks TSG... all three of these are pristine beauties, hit once (or less...) whole lot for $275 PayPal/US otherwise individually priced below HONMA TW-4 --- $110 Vizard UT-850 Stiff shaft, Tour Velvet grip YONEX ZERO 18-deg --- $110 Hiskei Custom Carbon Light UT shaft, TSG Tour Velvet grip MIURA GIKEN IC-2003 MG SPECIAL EDITION Inner Cavity Type 3 - HEAD ONLY --- $110 one of a kind, out of production, collector's item PayPal US
  3. Yonex ezone 15* - purchased new gamer for a year and a half but good condition. $115 Yonex nano 10*, type 430 - purchased new gamer for almost 2 years. Good condition, just reaching her prime. This head is a fwy finder. Looks great over the ball and easy to hit. Face is .5 closed. Won't be sad if this doesn't sell. $120 Yonex eZone 4i PB - purchased new, 2 rounds and some range time, great condition. $70 All prices net and shipped conus. Asia / Europe add $20 only on 1st item. Prices firm unless getting multiple items but I think they're fairly priced. Thanks!
  4. Some really great pieces here just not getting play u should enjoy! Kamui Pro BW02 50* with nspwv105 stiff $125 - very good condition, maybe a season of normal loving wear, fresh no1 50 w 4 low 1 high, long for a gw and feels good, love the 60yard punch draw w this club. Pro Preference 60* with RODDIO i10 stiff $195 - very good condition, maybe 20 rounds and a half dozen range sessions, fresh no1 50 w 4 low 1 high, a shingawa hand made, spin machine, great lobber. George Spirits proto GSSW 52/58 with TT black stiff $175 for the pair - have been gamed a bit (am 2nd owner) but plenty of life left, fresh ionic xevos w 4 low 1 high, these suckers are dense, good spin, accurate, a crisp hand made. Yonex nanoV 10* type 420 driver head $130 - good condition, This was my gamer for a full season, best control driver I've ever had decent length, great feel and sound and just frames the ball so nice. All prices net to me, firm and shipped ups ground con us, internationals add $40 (need to have tracking to your destination). Thanks guys, come fill your boots!
  5. Is it me, or has the BST been boring lately. Time to spice it up with some gems. Prices are shipped to US; will work with you on worldwide shipping. Offers welcome; "what's your best price?" questions, not so much. RomaRo Pro Forged- heads only Great condition, standard specs. Worthy of their reputation as smooth and forgiving. $old RomaRo Tour Select 3W (14.5*) Crown and face are perfect; minor brush marks on the sole from the glossy finish (look worse that reality). Very long, great feel. $old with Accra DyMatch 2.0 MT70 M4 shaft (1.5" tipped for 3W) Tourstage MR-23 US Spec 53* Wedge - head only Very good condition. Solid wedge; you already know how good. $100 Yonex Ezone 56* Wedge - head only Very good condition. Currently bend to 58*. This thing is so versatile. $90
  6. Winter has been keeping me busy in buying some new equipment, but time to clean up and get ready for the playing season!! 1. Ryoma V-Spec 9.5* Driver w/ Fire Express Proto 75 X flex 198g head 45.5" overall length Slight scuff on heel of sole. Other than that it is very clean. Headcover looks a bit worn from sunlight but still functionally good. Head is Sold. 2. Epon AF102 8.5* Driver w/ Diamana X 70 X flex 202g head 44.5" overall length Sole has some brush marks from normal usage. Crown is free of any noticeable scratches or marks. Headcover is in excellent condition. Off the market. 3. Odyssey Japan White Ice ix #7 Center Shaft 34" head has been used lightly but with a different shaft, The original shaft/grip is brand new in wrapper has been installed back on the head. Excellent overall condition. Comes with original magnetic head cover SOLD shipped within US with PayPal gifted 4. Yonex EZone EZP-001 S25C forged and deep milled putter 35" Reshafted with NS Pro Heavy shaft Grip is an Ekta leather grip in excellent condition. Excellent overall condition. Comes with original head cover in mint condition. Softest feeling non-insert putter head due to the deep milling on the face. Asking SOLD shipped within US with PayPal gifted 5. Mizuno Limited Edition 56 deg wedge Yoro made Fujisan stamp. Satin finish. Unique grind. Still new condition. Only hit a few times on carpet. DG Wedge shaft / DD2 ribbed grip $175 shipped within US with PayPal gifted
  7. I have been playing better but hitting the brown water a bit hard of late (and when I hit the brown water my pp act gets a thrashing...and eventually the anger about the mountain of gear I have and the boxes that keep arriving boils over till I have to hurt the pp even more buying stuff for my wife and funding college accts).... I have a ton of new gear coming and have been inspired by some here to not become stew w a slower SS....plus I'm in the process of starting a fifth bag mentally (and that assumes i get rid of all the extras u see here) so more of the hoard may go unless I either win the lottery or get a job paying me double what I make now.... as always trades preferred, I have a SS w driver of around 105 so anything x flex is out, am in an onoff mood of late and also want to try some jBEAM product....I like trade +or- cash b/c it affords me the opportunity of painting a rosey picture to my wife... here is some of the stuff w some pricing but I'm really to lazy to go into much detail...I get stiff shafts mostly, 1* flat and + 1/4" from titleist spec usually. if you see something that interests you, pm me w your email and what you're thinking generally and I'll send you piccys, some here may vouch for me...I'm really more of a hoarder than a seller but I have never screwed anyone... all prices shipped ups RC w attas tspx 300 naks 400 for pair, sick Rombex shafts vega wedge set 52, 57, 60 w nsp wv115 stiff 425 Adams ti 5w 170 naked lady tees 55 Cleveland cgtour red w project x flighted 55 200 nice Cleveland cg15 wedges (prob have 1 in most lofts ) 75 hogan apex edge pro w the orig apex shafts in stiff (prob wont let these go) but 500 there are some really cool old Cleveland coppers in there somewhere.... roller coaster ride, 5$
  8. as always trades welcome, would like to try a nonconforming driver or anything cool. all prices shipped/insured ups ground conus. intl add ship diff+ an autographed photo of Donald trump's toupee...I think my pricing is fair, gear isn't moving but all this is way below 50% & I take very good care off my gear.... yonex eZone 15* great shape illima stiff puréd, xevolution ((small chip from 2year old but allll this club does is hit 240yard baby draws...190 RC jp104 fh 18* attas3 8s tspx, see cert, "missile launcher" 250 ((shaft alone was double that and this club is mint)) chikaras v1 52&&57 straight from Carl w Kbs hirev//execs 250 endo forged fourteen TC 770 w Aerotech i95 s & no1s very forgiving and soft. whoever gets will be grateful, these are great performers for the 10 hcap! 525 ostrich bag. this bag is not as cool as it looks in photo. was a drunk eBay purchase. nonetheless, it is hand made from South Africa...I'm not going to say what I paid bc it's embarrassing...light use as a guest bag...125
  9. Yonex Nextage Fairway woods 3 and 7 or 15* and 21*… Shafted with UST ProForce V2 75g in Stiff Gripped with GripMaster swingers top of grip are cut for balance certified weights(not included) Head only price same as shafted $180 130 shipped ConUS each plus fees… Factory covers included... 3wd: 7wd:
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