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Titleist VG3 Forged Irons (JAPAN ONLY)

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Thanks for that 'ukok' I must admit they do look good and i was interested to see you say they where a longer iron than the AP2's I have never been a fan of a lot of offset even though i do see the benefits for the right player. are the a club you found you could work the ball both ways with or does the amount of offset prevent this.

Sorry to be apain but JDM gear is pulling me in..

Off to golf now!!!!


You can work the ball both ways, my natural shot is a big draw and remains so with the VG3's.

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These are great irons...I have used the Miyazaki shaft for 4 years, but I want to go with the recoil 760ES F2, but not sure of what tip size my VG3 take. ( I had swapped Miura irons for VG3 4 years ago)

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