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2015 Vokey Cold Forged Japan Wedges

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We expected great things from the new Cold Forged Vokey from Titleist and they delivered.


The cold forged is back and further improved for 2015! The previous version was a major hit with TSG members and clients one our best selling wedges we have ever had and already the new cold forged is picking up where it left off.

This year offered with lofts between 48* and 60* in 3 different grinds the F, M, and K Grinds all made with a more medium bounce profile making them extremely versatile for all types of conditions. Why would Titleist only offer a forged wedge in Japan and not everywhere else and I don't know the reason perhaps it's a supply or cost issue or maybe it because the majority of golfers and especially outside of Japan don't particularly have a preference on what materials were used to make their golf clubs.

F-GRIND - In my opinion the most versatile of the 3 grinds with few faults it's slight leading edge provides a way to open the face but just a little and not a lot, its sole width is medium to narrow and it has just a little camber. It's killed leading edge helps move turf while the overall design allows you to utilize bounce more effectively without having to open up the club face. Only available in 48/08, 50/08, 52/10, and 56/14* loft/bounce.





K-GRIND - This wider sole is rounded and doesn't dig as easily, it's high bounce and shape works great for bunkers, high rough, soft or wet conditions and a player who comes in steep or makes big divots may appreciate some of its traits. Only available in 58/12





M-Grind - This mid bounce wedge is available in most lofts and in the 58* you can choose between mid or high bounce options. It's designed for the more slider sweeper impact type and plays great for someone who wants to open the club head for even more loft around the greens and finally it has a slightly killed leading-edge that works well in getting the club face under the ball. Only Available in 54/10, 56/10, 58/08 and 60/08* Loft/Bounce.





And now my review:

Spin - Better than most good as it gets for conforming grooves, they incorporate the latest TX3 spin milled technology and what Titleist did is make the 48 - 54* grooves more narrow while the 56-60 is deeper giving you stronger spin where you need it most.

Distance - I don't judge wedges with distance.

Feel - Dense/Firm/ Kinda Soft and remember shaft & grip make a difference but If they could make these a little bit softer I would be happier and that's not knocking them they feel really great still.

Accuracy - Excellent - these wedges have it all and near shape perfection the "Cold Forged" process they refer to is forging where they control and suppress heat and deformation for a more accurate material you can do anything with these wedges and they are forgiving which make them accurate.

Forgiveness - Excellent It's got the size and its got the grind and design to just offer everything really well, some offset where offset is best utilized and when it's well balanced like this the result is feeling of confidence and reliability which make them forgiving.

I found impact to not be as soft as expected from a forged wedge but still very nice and more importantly better than most, spin was between good/great and I usually play non-conforming so I have a decent sense of what poor/good/great/and finally ludicrous spin is but to make further comparisons the, S-Yard Bold was "great" spin for a conforming wedge, Yururi Gekku Raw Non-Conforming is ludicrous spin and these are almost great if that helps.

What would I change? not much it's brushed satin is gorgeous, could use less stamping, these are all the wedge most of us could possibly want.

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Favorite wedge I've ever used, all around.

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