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** No Soliciting in Forum Threads **

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This is why I want to keep the community small and tight, a bunch of donkeys are soliciting our members when they post general inquiries, most of these guys are new and passerby's just trying to unload what they have without contributing to the community.


1. Member creates thread seeking feedback about a particular club or a Club A vs Club B post - OP then receives multiple PM's with offers to buy a club another member has for sale and often its not even the club they are posting about.

2. Member creates thread seeking feedback about a particular club or a Club A vs Club B post - Another member then posts in that thread what they have for sale.

We need to show some class here gents the B/S/T is created for the purpose of reselling your clubs, if you post you have a club for sale anywhere else outside of the B/S/T it will be moderated which means deleted or warned.

If people PM you out of the blue trying to sell you something report them immediately.

This forum is intended for sharing info, experiences, and just general golf talk not as a way for a desperate few to unload clubs at any opportunity they have.

- No soliciting in forum threads

- No soliciting via PM

Domo - :)

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