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Impressed with Royal Collection SFD X7 Ti FW

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During my stay in Japan,   I decided to find a fairway wood for my father in law as a "Thank You"  for letting me stay at their place. 

He is in his 70's and so he needed something forgiving and easy to launch.   I went to a local golf shop near Sagami Ono station and found a heavily discounted but brand new Royal Collection SFD X7 Ti FW 5W.     Head is very shallow but had a very traditional looking shape from the top.    Looks kinda like a slightly larger Epon 202HT.     The shaft was the stock "made for" Royal Collection   Attas 50g shaft in R flex.       This is perfect!!     Last time I was here , I got him the previous generation RC SFD Hybrid so this fairway would be a good match.    

Anyway,  we went to hit some balls at a range and he was super happy that he could hit this 5W so easily and consistently.   It's now the favorite club in his bag!!     Because he was hitting it so nicely I had to give it a try myself even though the shaft was not my spec.... 

Wow!!    This thing is a beast.    And it's so easy to hit!    Reminded me of the Epon 202HT that I used for a long time, but these SFD X7 Ti feels and sound much better and is a lot more forgiving!!   Might be more forgiving than the Ping G fairway that I am currently gaming!!   I think I am going to get me one to see if I can finally replace my Ping G 3W that I have been using for some time now.  

It's not a new model or anything but for those looking for a fairway that is shallow and easy to launch,   this FW is definitely worth considering.    

Will report back once I have my 3W!!  

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Great report mate and totally agree - a real hidden gem.

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