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Mini review - Grindworks Dual Pocket

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Hey all, just wanted to share a short review of the Grindworks Dual Pocket. I've been pretty much a blade/muscleback cb player all my life, but was wanting to try something new. The 'largest' irons I own are the PRGR RS Forged. I got fitted to the KBS Tour 90s

In hand, the DP is not as large as you might expect, considering its target. But the lofts are ultra strong at 7i 30°. So I've been out to the range with it and also on-course, and I must say the feeling is definitely so-so at best, but honestly better feeling than its counterparts from USDM, ie, TM M1/M2 irons. Head length is shortert than the Epon AF-703, which i like. Its very point and shoot, but surprisingly workable. Couldn't fade it as much, but drawing the ball was much easier. Turf interaction is excellent (soles are not that wide either), distance is at least a club longer than the PRGRs, which are Onoff Kuro long by the way. Shafts seemed a good fit, not super smooth, but stable for its weight, and gave a good height. 

If you're looking for a suped up iron and hate to go the driving range (like me), you would sure to love these. Right now just dialing in the distance, since I cannot be possibly hitting a 'normal' 7 iron 180 yards at my swingspeed. 

But highly recommended for those who want their lives to be easier on the course should give these a whack. Just need to find its brother the AF705 to compare these with :)















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Great review. I agree about the size, definitely smaller than expected and I'm also surprised at the top line being as thin as it is. Great iron for distance.

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