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Callaway Epic Forged driver

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If you are looking for more distance in a FW simply look at Titanium heads.  They are longer than stainless steel heads across the board.  A lot of brands shy away from the extra cost of Ti fairways because they run nearly as much as a driver to produce.  

By producing fairway woods like drivers more performance can be had,  unfortunately, brands understand fewer people will buy expensive FWs.

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Have a look:


In the above you see the Rouge has no perimeter weighting instead it has a screw.  Also the jail breaks are thinner.


below the 3 versions.  No forged mentioned yet!


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My Epic Forged is STATESIDE!!! ... Sitting in New York!!


... And my Epic Star (JDM) is sitting on my desk!!


Two new Drivers by the end of the week! ... STOKED to say the least! I haven't even hit an Epic yet since their release, held out, held out, and held out to get both of the bonded heads! 10.5° in each, Star gonna be Animal Style and the Forged is gonna get heavy too! Shafting with Kai'li 80x at 43.50"!!

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