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Mjr. D

Mizuno Pro 118

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Has anyone hit these? They're similar to the MP-18 (US model) but they have a copper layer which the US model does not.

Let me know if you've hit them.

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Just an FYI to people.

TSG is not selling the Mizuno Pro series.  We are selling Yoro models prior.

It was not fair if TSG had both Yoro and Pro.  We choose Yoro.

We can tell how an iron is made by looking at the Yoro options.  The Yoro models have grind options which means Mizuno gets the heads in at least heavy and raw.  These new Mizuno Pros or MP-18s only have finish options which lead me to think that they arrive at Mizuno already made.  I cant say for certain why but that is strange because these are the first MP's not to have Yoro options.  To summarize this it's possible they are made in China like the other non MP irons.

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