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!! PRICE DROPS !! Shimada K's8001 shafts and other goodies!!

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1.  Shimada K's 8001  shafts   4-PW + GW + SW 

- 5i was built to 38.25"  

- Flex is a single flex CPM wise comes out almost identical to Modus 120 S  which as most of you know,  softer than most other S flex 

- Taper tip .355"  weight is about 100g 

- Cosmetically in excellent condition. 

- Grips are MCC Plus 4 Align on the 4-PW but the regular MCC Plus 4 on the wedges  with lots of life left

- Also installed are Pro Soft inserts to eliminate unwanted vibration. 

- Shaft alone will cost $450+ from pro shop. ( + grips + insert will add up to more )  





2. PRGR RS Forged 57 deg wedge 

- Condition is 8.5/10   some mark on the face and sole. 

- Stock shaft and grip standard L/L/L 

$75  $50 including shipping in the US  ( overseas for additional $25 ) 



3. Speeder Evolution IV 661    X Flex  one time pull 

- 44.25" 

- Untipped 

- One time pull using pneumatic shaft puller 

- Cosmetically in perfect condition. 





4. Tourstage X Drive P02-6  9.5deg driver / Skitter Athlete Shaft

- Last generation of Endo forged Tourstage drivers. 

- Limited Edition 365cc head

- Normal marks on sole from normal usage.   Face is clean.  Tiny dimple on the heel side of the sole .. does not affect performance. 

- Shaft is a Skitter Athlete 550 shaft which is designated as XX flex but its one of those noodle shafts that feels more like a Junior flex shaft.

   Believe it or not,  when using this club,  I can increase my head speed to 120 mph.    Normally I am at around 105 mph at the most.  

   Take it for what it's worth.    The noodle soft shaft does give good training like "Orange Whip" trainer.    Does improve tempo for sure. 

 - Built to 46"  




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Prices updated!!!   

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Tourstage driver is sold! 

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Pm sent Nob.

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Shimada shafts are sold!! 

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Speeder Evo IV shaft sold!! 

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