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Epon Zen with black shaft

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Epon Zen putter with custom shimada black shaft and leather grip. The shaft was sent to me (via TSG) from Gold Factory. This putter is in really good condition as in the photo

On top view, that's blue tape I use as aiming dot. Just take it off if you don't like it. It won't affect the putter's texture in any way. The photo below were taken days ago but I just can make up my mind to sell it today.

Asking for $700 shipped to USA and Europe, or $650 shipped to Asia. Further discount if you happen to pick up from me in Bangkok Thailand. Thanks for looking










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Beautiful. Mine is still my gamer and I doubt anything will ever move it out of the bag...at least until I can get custom fitted for a Benock. GLWS!

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Thx Mikey

and thx guys for all offers but no trade at this time


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Hi guys, I forgot to tell you that this putter will come with Crazy head cover instead of Epon's





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